Should people be punished for illegally downloading movies and music

Asked by: ek_eileen
  • If the downloading thing is ILLEGAL the definitely

    If the downloading thing is illeagal then definitely they should get punishment. But it should not me claimed from right now there should be proper arrangement. But i haven't seen any movie, video, or any pic that is illegal wile i m using internet from a long time .

  • It shouldn't be illegal

    There are many people that don't have the money to go to theaters to watch certain movies, And other times, Their theaters don't even have that movie playing, So you have to go get it online. Like concerts, Maybe that band or singer doesn't come to your state or they are hundreds of miles away for the closest one, There are still plenty of other people buying tickets to either of these things, So they won't lose money. Also, Many websites will pay certain agents to be able to use their movies to play them for free, Then use their own account system to be able to get money off of the movies they stream. There are also many websites that people make so they can download their own custom playlist without having annoying adds or buffering stop their music.

  • First of all, Making a movie illegal for download should be illegal.

    Either you want your movie to be seen and then it does not matter if it is downloaded or not. Of course there should be a system where you get paid by an agency or some office for someone else downloading your movie. But the moment people declare a movie to be copyrighted, They have effectively nullified their own copyright. This gives federal agencies the power to abuse their productivity. Copyrighting somebody else´s film is just saying someone else owns the copyright, Despite we all agree that officially if you copyright your creation you protect it from theft. So if we can all stop bullying people who download films for personal uses or for enlightening themselves through information, Or who upload them the sooner the better. Copyrighting also threatens the future of copyrighted artworks, Because it becomes harder and harder to copy them and thus save them from such things as destruction by fire. The fascism of the EU commission is a good example of copyrighting gone too far. . .

  • Not if its unavailable

    In many countries , people cannot get a certain game or movie since it is not sold in their place . In that case pirating is their only option , other than that , yes , its wrong . They have no choice but to pirate , such as the mobile game Gentlemen . The game was pirated mostly by Chinese and Russian people , who didn't have the game in their app store .

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