Should people be punished if they download music and movies illegally?

  • They should not be punished!!!

    People should not be punished for downloading movies and music. Some people think that is against law but in my opinion it is for law. Owners of this videos upload it to the Internet.I think that they want people to download their works (in this case it is movie or music).
    Thank you for attention!!!

  • Yes because it is important

    Noo nooo noooo No people who download music/movies illegally should not be punished it completely free for someone on youtube and watch movies or music so why can't they have it on their phone or computer for free too. Anyone can search the web to watch or listen to petty much any movies or song for free

  • YES, they should be punished.

    It's basically a slippery slope. What the government NEEDS TO DO is crack down on everyone who disobeys the rules they made. Downloading music/movies is already illegal. Why change all the laws just so about 30% of the dishonest population can be satisfied? I do understand the argument that it should be legal (i.E., too big of a family, not many people lose money. Etc.) but it's still ILLEGAL, whether you choose to believe that or not.

  • I think they shouldn't be punished.

    Dear, listeners, the people who sing or make musics or movies have already some money by other things, such as by concerts or movie tickets. It would have only little impact on their income. P.S. People who download music and movies promote the works for free for the creators because more and more people listen or watch it.-cordially, pure Korean Timothy
    (from Seoul, Korea)

  • Yes yes yes, oh yes

    Dear, listeners, it's too unfair to those who download music and movies legally. For example, someone downloaded the music( or movies:) ) in expensive price. However, someone downloaded illegally. Those who download music and movies would be unfair because i bought it, and others got it free!!! Does it make sense?!!!! I strongly say that those who download music and movies would get punished.-cordially, pure Korean Tim

  • You wouldnt steal a movie off the shelf so why online?

    Producers pay millions of dollars to entertain millions of people. The producers need to make income to repay actors and remake profits, illegally downloading movies is basically like stealing a movie off the shelf and people get punished for that so why not for illegally downloading movies? I bet if you were an producer you would like to make money because its your job and bet you would HATE it if someone was watching your movie for free and your millions of dollars going into this movie were not getting profited for and you weren't making any money!

  • I do agree.

    Downloading music is illegal as its like stealing, but they're pirating music and films, and they could remain anonymous. It's very illegal, as the music and films are copyrighted works, and whoever pirates them should be stopped by legal action by the FBI or the police or other people that help.

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  • Say no I'll cut your throat.

    Why wouldn't they be punished? They download music and movies ILLEGALLY because they can't afford to BUY it. But come to think of it, they're not losing money but surely someone is. It's the people who own and create the music and movies, the entertainment/music companies and the actors and artists. They WORKED hard for those things. They worked so they should get paid, but if people will just download them illegally they won't necessarily not get paid at all but they will still lose lots of money because people nowadays are keep on doing this. If this bullshit illegally downloading won't stop, there's a possibility that those companies will stop. And the actors and artists that work for them. They might be your favorite artists, but if we won't put a stop on this, POOF! They're gone. This might not affect you, YOU who downloads illegally, but let me tell you that you're affecting other people. You're basically stealing from those companies and those artists. So stop. Don't wait until you have to face the consequence.

  • Should be punished

    I think that downloading music illegally should be punishable because if you buy the music, your using the music to your advantage and breaking the law. Also, the people stealing it will be disobeying the whole purpose of using this music and have no intention or purpose for this music ever.

  • I see nothing wrong so whats the problem?

    No one should be punished in downloading movies or music because sometimes people down have wifi to hear music and can't see movies so they have it downloaded on the phone or on a tablet and take it to go. Sometimes kids get fussy and parent need to have their childrens favortie movie or song to enterain the little ones and some people have finacial issue so maybe they're phone is disconnected and they wouldn't need internet cause its already downloaded and readt to go.

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  • Taken too seriously

    We got people doing worse things in the world walking free, But lets put little jim bob in jail cause he wanted to see the avengers, Great laws we have (sarcasm). As if the corrupt in hollywood need more money. This should honestly not even be a debate, If you answer yes you are a joke.

  • People shouldn't be punished just for downloading something free they can't afford to pay

    Music is life!Its not fair for the people who cant afford to pay for music. It is a kind of entertainment and everyone has a right to be entertained. Artists can make more then enough money by selling albums and concerts at first place. SO PUNISHING PEOPLE FOR DOWNLOADING MUSIC OR MOVIES FOR FREE IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!

  • Waste of time to punish people

    I honestly think it`s a waste of time to punish someone for downloading movies and music illegally.
    Yes it is kind of hacking but this type of hacking is different.
    You are not really breaking the law because it`s not like your hacking a certain type of system. You are just downloading movies and music and even though it`s copyright, it`s not like your going to show it to anyone.
    You just want to keep it for yourself. Honestly I don`t really think people should be punished for that. It`s the free way but if people don`t have the money for buying movies and music then why would you punish them.
    It is a hack but it`s not a serious hack. There are plenty of dangerous hackers out there and they hack things that are even worse. Downloading movies and music illegally is`t that bad if u think about it because it`s not like your hacking someone`s computer and trying to give them a virus. You are just watching a movie and listening to music.
    For people who can`t afford it, it should be safe to download movies and music. And yes the reason why it`s illegal is so that you can go ahead and buy movies and music so that the companies can make money. Honestly I disagree that people should not be punished for that.
    It`s the same thing with downloading games....

  • No, because pirating will always happen

    As a teen, music helps everything, and if we cannot get free music that we like without going on a streaming sight, then how would we act? Pirating songs and movies happen daily, and even though that it technically is illegal, people will always do it to get the free movies and music that they like. No matter how hard it gets, many people will always find a way to pirate their favourite song they had heard on the radio, or the favourite movie they loved since a kid and only want to watch it, but not share it around. So, in my mind, Pirating should not be a punishable offense, and should be legal because of the amounts of people doing it for their own entertainment.

  • Its really weird

    I think we should be able to download movies so we dont spend money to watch a single film and then do nothing with the film.Plus u never know if u like the film, anyways how could u download a movie illegally.What harm can be done if people download movies? Lose jobs? I have never heard a professional movie seller. Punishing people who dont want to waste money is pretty bizarre to me. Plus no one would steal music discs anymore( i doubt any one did though but still) the fbi is too busy to go into a dudes house that downloads movies. It may be unfair for those who already bought such stuff but has anyone heard of this saying? LIFE ISNT FAIR , i am pretty sure you've heard of it, so why complain that this isnt fair , that isnt fair if your life isnt fair?! Stealing off shelves alright (that is sarcasm) people make enough money with tickets and whatever things u need to buy in order to go to a movie or a concert.This is my opinion what is yours? If your going to argue against me prepare to get crushed sucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I do not think that they should be punished and not just because i am one of those people but because if we are downloading it illegally than how is downloading it on youtube or watching it there any different than downloading it on your computer or phone or ect..

  • Shouldn't get punished

    No because big family's pay to much at the movie theater know someone with 12 sisters and 4 brothers when she goes to the movie she pays like 300/400 dollars. We should be able to download them for that reason or at least make them like 1 dollar.So we should be able t download.

  • It woull be good to be legal

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