Should people be required to have a basic understanding of English before moving here?

Asked by: jwcmcorbin
  • A nation can't exist

    Unless the majority of people have certain things in common. One of them is talking in the same language. If you have people in who can't speak the language how are they supposed to get a job or understand the law? Let's just think of the chaos that would cause.

  • Yes they should.

    Like it or not, in America we speak English. So if you do not know our native language, you are dooming yourself to a life a poverty. You can not survive and get a decent job in this country if you can not communicate to other people. Not only will these people be living in poverty, but they will likely have no choice but to live off of entitlements the rest of their lives and and take away more money from the tax payers. Which will also hurt our national debt which is now over $17 trillion.

  • English is the language of money.

    If you want to continue to live in poverty don't learn English. Basic English is necessary in order to succeed in society. This is especially true in the case of illegal aliens. I'm glad they can't speak English. It makes them that much more easy to exploit them for my benefit.

  • It would be MUCH easier.

    They would be able to communicate much easier. Also, they could have more job opportunities and they could talk to othor people easier. They would also be much happier. The population of peeople that speak only English, is much higher than that of other languages. It could also be very very frustrating to people who don't speak their language.

  • It makes life easier

    YES,it means more job opportunities ,chances to actually socialize,easier to understand ,cope and adapt to the situation when you know the language. Also not knowing English would give a chance for others to find a reason to mock you because you are a foreigner.Why risk all this?You can much happier and content because it only means you know more and can use it to gain opportunities in your life.

    Posted by: Hima
  • Yes , and it should be made law

    The national language of America is English, if you want to live and work in the country then you need to adapt to that country's way, if they refuse they should be made to go. If you go anywhere in Europe you would be expected to adapt to their way of life, why should it be any different for immigrants going in to America? If you don't like it you can go.

  • Why come without our language!

    People who aren't british should not come into the country. Our population is becoming uncontrollable and people only come into our country for free health care. The least they could do i lear the language! Our country is too gullable. We need to stand up and say no. The younger generation will have to pay mre tax because of this migration!

  • Unfair and Unamerican

    First the U.S. has always had a diverse land of cultures and languages expressed thoroughly throughout our nation. Even during the age of our founding fathers there groups of germane, Dutch, French, and Native cultures all around the land who did not speak English. Second this is unfair to the people who move here. English, even at the most basic level, is one of the hardest languages to learn because of the fast contradictions in its own rules. To then require it as a requirement then would also then be unfair to anyone in the U.S. who does not speak english and therefore an ideal that would be unfair to the people of this nation.

  • The first settlers sure didn't.

    Neither the American natives spoke English, nor did the Vikings who built Newport tower, nor did the Spanish explorers and conquerors, nor did the French settlers. Why would anyone be required to learn English NOW?
    Dora the Explorer shows us that even people who live in the US today don't all speak proper English. Why should immigrants be obligated to try harder than residents?

  • It isn't needed

    English is becoming so widely used that it is almost essential in everyday life. Making English mandatory would not only hinder hinder immigrants' immigration process, but a language-diverse society would encourage multilingualism. A large portion of Americans do not have the incentive to learn a second language simply because they do not feel the necessity of it. Additionally, not knowing English is a huge disadvantage and immigrants would be 'forced' to adapt to the language or take English classes, which is not found easily, or not available at all, in certain third-world countries.

  • I would say no.

    Enforcing a single language is borderline removal of freedom of speech or even dictator-like. If a single language should be enforced, it should probably be something technical, like Latin, or perhaps more universal like French, or even the most spoken language, Spanish. I can't speak any of the above languages, so I am not being biased, merely logical.

  • It really depends

    I have mixed views about immigration, and I personally do not favor illegal immigrant rights. Let's get that out of the way first.

    When it comes to language, obviously American is not a language, yes, but the thing is, our country's primary language is English. Just the same way if you were to travel to Egypt, you would be exposed to their primary language which is, if I stand corrected, Arabic.

    This brings me to my argument. Just like any country you move to, it's not a requirement but is fully encouraged to learn their language because you will have a more successful and better life there. Just like it is in America, just like it is in Mexico, just like it is in Egypt, and just like it is in Germany.

    At the same time, Americans should not have to learn a second language to accommodate for immigrants coming in that don't speak English, they should learn ours and that, again, is not a requirement but is encouraged.

    Checkmate, Obama.

  • America itself doesnt even speak English!

    I live in the southern US, where English hasnt been used properly since 1821. I dont know what the hell the language that these rednecks speak here but it sure as hell aint English, it sounds more like a fake language invented by Elmer Fudd after he accidentally got peanut butter stuck in the roof of his mouth and couldnt scrape it off with his tounge so he just had to ignore it and act like it wasnt bothering him. Wait, what was the question?

  • I'm just gonna be logical

    I'm not gonna give you all this melting pot, and we weren't even here first jazz, because those arguments don't really work well at trying to remove us as being an actual individual nation. I just don't think that people should have to learn English before coming here as a requirement. First of all, if someone comes here on a work visa, they probably are already required by whoever they're working for to know English, or they are able to communicate some other way with that employer. Second of all, if they come from like a third world country where education isn't very good, how are we gonna go off requiring them to learn English properly before coming here? And regulation would get so abusive it's not even funny. Improve internal English programs for foreigners so they can learn English, but don't make it a damn requirement to get into the nation. That's too much.

  • Country of immigrants

    The USA is a land of immigrants from multiple nationalities. The USA does not have an official language by law. So why the hell should people speak English when there is no national language. If people want to be true to their country they should speak one of the original tribal languages.

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