Should people be required to obtain a parenting license in order to have a child?

  • Absolutely they should!

    Taking care of a child is a huge responsibility. We get licenses to drive, to use a gun, and for god sake, to fish even. So why shouldn't one get a license before having a child? To me, the process of getting a license not only makes one accountable but it also makes one think about what they are getting into. If they want it bad enough, why not go through the paces?

  • It's a big deal.

    I'm not saying people should be charged for a license, but in order to raise a kid they need to be qualified. It would help the problem of over population as well as making sure kids don't wind up being the headline images of an abuse article. It does sound kind of tyrannical saying you need a license to make a baby, but I really think it would work out well. It could really put into perspective the magnitude being a parent carries.

  • Children are precious

    Children are our leaders of the future and should be treated with the up-most care.
    I personally believe that as a nation it is our duty to help these underprivileged kids. Also, if you take children from the law breakers you break that chain of criminal acts that are passed down from the parents to the kids. "Like father, like son".

  • Sustainability Suitability Safety

    Firstly please understand that human beings are NOT in short supply in the world.
    There are a vast amount of people in the U.K. Who are unemployed and who have more than 1 child.
    These people are taking money out of the working populace's pocket to pay for these children.
    If there was a law passed that ensured that you needed a licence to have children then the number of children who are abused, sexually, mentally, physically and those who are simply not being brought up correctly.
    Having more than 2 children in today's world is not necessary as we are not in threat of becoming extinct any more and instead what we do it drain our natural resources further and spread like a virus across the planet until life becomes unbearable and hunger and war escalates and then perhaps we WILL become extinct.

  • What's the harm?

    If you have even the slightest clue about how to maintain a fellow human's life, it shouldn't be a hard thing to prove. A lot of thought and hard work ought to go into having a baby, and adding a permit/license doesn't seem like much to ask. I understand that cases of abuse or neglect are in the minority, but it's not really an inconvenience for the rest of us, so I don't see what the harm is. A lot of people say it's a right, straight up: well what happens when you can't handle the responsibilities that go with your rights? You lose those rights, of course, because that's what you deserve. It's just a more preventative approach than taking children away after years of mistreatment. It would also help with population control, that sounds a little insensitive but goddamn it's true.

    As for children being unexpected? Of course we are - I was an accident, myself. But in order to keep your child you should be expected to know how to take care of it. It would be impractical and ineffective to ask people to apply for permits before they've even tried toward it, but maybe you don't need a license to get pregnant so much as to remain pregnant, or to keep the child afterwards.

  • Parents need to have a license to have children

    I am a degree in early childhood education. I have worked in a child care facility for many years. I have pretty much seen and heard it all. There are parents who will love and care for children the right way. Children die everyday due to lack of parenting. Some parents are either uneducated or plain stupid. I believe people should have to have a license to have children. We have to obtain a license to drive a car, but it is okay to give birth to another human being. There many children that are abused and neglected, other children are living in orphanages with no families at all to love them. I understand we are not a communist country and we do not want to be and everyone believes that human rights say everyone is entitled to have a family, but at what price. Children are dieing and being hospitalized. Parents stress out everyday because of work and attending to matters of the home, or their social life, and on top of that children. If you add unexpected pregnancy to that, it can be a lot for anyone. Having children is a blessing. Children should be cherished and loved and there are some people in our society today who should not have that blessing in their life. That may sound cruel but it is the truth. I believe that a contraceptive should be made that all girls have to get when they hit puberty. It is 100% effective. So people can have sex as much as they want without getting pregnant. If some one or a couple wants to have children they will have to obtain a license to have children. They have to go through a background check, drug screening, and go through parenting classes, if they pass they may obtain a license. The contraceptive will then be taken out and they may reproduce.

  • I am voting for acknowledge and sensible parent - as an underline Licensing Parent

    To enable to bring up a good child, I believe we (adulthood or potential parental) should at list embraced a sense of knowledge for ourselves as a bottom-line, with the additional new born-child, this can be a joyful scenario yet also could be great burden or dysfunctional in some minority cases, what I would like to discuss is the that we need to learn every steps that come across and new child story is unexceptional, we need to learn how to sacrifice our time, embrace knowledge to feed the whole process of this new chapter and so on. I am supporting Parenting License is not about negativity or constraint to have children or religious matters or even population issue, it is just a common sense that we need to embrace the knowledge to anticipate for a new prosperous life to the child.

  • A mandatory parenting course

    In watching and learning for 53 years now, and as a mother of one boy, 27 now, I have concluded that the problems begin with the lack of parenting knowledge and skills. This is possibly a much easier fix within the school system as a mandatory course....... Or the first most important course which follows graduation. No grad, no course. No course no kid. You've got your Driver's license, marriage license, welding license, and more importantly now we should require a kid license. No kidding.
    Must be a reality check... The course needs to show how to balance income and the unexpected expenses, the family nutrition, hygiene, medical and dental liabilities and possibilities, CPR, logical solutions to discussing parenting difficulties without having children hear it, social expectations, legal limitations, pros and cons on split-up relationships, divorce rates, time management, home-schooling, disabilities, (possibly unexpectedly a parent) etc...I wish I had all that knowledge before I had my son.

  • We owe it

    We have an obligation to all children to provide them with a decent upbringing. If someone cannot afford to take care of him/herself, he/she should not be having kids. Speaking of rights, every child should have the right to a safe, nourishing environment. The requirements of such a license would be minimal, like can't be on hard drugs or can't be on welfare, etc. It wouldn't be a slippery slope where only the elite could reproduce. Imagine a world with less babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome, exposure to abuse, etc.

  • This is the solution.

    Constantly, over and over again, there are parents who aren't even fit, whether it be financially or mentally, to even raise a child, that have a baby. These children have to suffer through a terrible childhood, and become mentally or physically damaged. A parenting license would not take away anyone's chance of having a child (unless they simply shouldn't be having one in the first place.) And if someone cannot afford the license, (which should be rather cheap,) then they shouldn't have a child in the first place, for they cannot even financially support the child if this is the case. This is the solution to the problem. Help all the children around the world. Take action.

  • Pursuit Of Happiness

    I believe that it is unconstitutional to regulate having children being as, most every one who has children can actively enjoy their lives more and therefore that ties into where the constitution states "life, liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" so in conclusion it potentially hinders the pursuit of happiness

  • Questions to Consider

    It sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? I have some questions for all of you to consider. If a women who is expecting a child refuses to take the mandatory classes, what will happen to her? Will she be arrested? Will the child be taken away after he/she is born? If this is the case, and the pregnancy was unwanted in the first place, what will stop her from having an abortion in order to to not have to deal with the mandatory classes? In what ways will this law for a license be enforced? If you take all the classes to become a parent, and you pass, is that all you have to do? Or do government workers continually have to check up on you and your new baby to make sure you are still being a 'fit' parent? Who decides who is an acceptable parent? Doesn't this law have the potential to become very corrupt? What if it STARTS with just a license? What if the government then decides that each household can only have two children? What if the government then decides WHEN each parent should have their children? Where does it stop? We must remember that the governments role is NOT to regulate and control and fix everything.

  • Parenting Is Learned

    Having children is what we are made for, and procreation is what keeps the human population growing. If we make licensing parents a requirement there will be no one qualified to parent, or to have children. Parenting is something you learn from experience, not from reading a book, taking a course, passing a test. Yes, these things can help, but you don't know how to be a parent until you are one.

  • Parenting Licenses Are Ridiculous

    Just saying that I had to get a parenting license to have a kid sounds ridiculous. Most pregnancies are unexpected and charging people to have children is just crazy. Kids cost a lot, so its a little much to charge people for licenses associated with them. I could see parenting licenses for adopted kids being required, but that is where it stops.

  • Is this logical?

    Being able to licence a parent will necessitate a potentially large amount of money. As well as this the security will have to be very strict. With people out there wanting to cheat their lives may as well cheat the licence. I would like to see a model on how the licence will work and how it will be "cheat proof"

  • It is just not right

    Problem that they created. As far as children just being raised in a poor family, they may not have money, but money and success are ultimately unimportant. These children will learn what really matters, and not what society thinks matters. If love for each other is all a family has, then don't take that away from them. The children will not be happy with money but only want their old parents back. If you really think this will make society better, then just look at China's system and see how bad things are there. Whenever government tries to make society better for everyone, it fails because people can only make themselves happy. Children are a gift from God or evolution (if you don't believe) Not from government. There is not forest, there are only trees similarly there is no society, only people. Peace Love Anarchy :)

  • Grow up America

    Children are not objects to put taxes on. I understand that some people who have kids are not able to handle them, but then they have options. Adoption is an option or they could grow up and face the challenge. I come from a country where people have from 2-21 kids and if you put a license on each one its a lot of money, and children are a lot of money alone without taxes. I think that if they could have sex then they could rise to the challenge and grow up, because honestly this country us going down and this whole population and child crisis we're having is not helping at all. America needs to grow up and stop trying to find the easy way out of everything.

  • No, people should not be required to obtain a parenting license in order to have a child

    People should not be required to obtain a parenting license in order to have a child. It obviously violates freedom of people. It is a bad idea because people should have the right to have babies and raise them. Obtaining a license would mean nothing and it would destroy the values and tradition of families.

  • Parenting?

    In today's world it would be logical because of the death rate of children by bad parenting and the increase of orphans. Sometimes you just want to revoke all people from being parents. But a parenting license is like telling society I don't trust you so you shouldn't even try.

  • Different definitions of good parenting.

    Once you give the government a right such as who can have children, is it a free country? When we let the government decide and make requirements and create a mold of what a "good" or "required" parent the government is pushing aside the fact that every person has a different definition, of what a "good" parent is. There is child abuse and neglect happening but that should not decide whether you can be a parent or not.

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