Should people be required to perform military service?

  • Name is jeffery thomas

    We should so that everyone can be absolute tanks and be lads. It would also help because everyone will be responsible because they would have trained hard to become tanks so they will all be the best bloke and australia will be the best country in military better than china and france so they can play with there crap toys and eat there crosonts

  • Proud to do it for your country

    You should be proud to fight for your country and if some people die there will be a heap of people to come in and back them up and you should do what your elders did in world war one and two so we should have a compulsory military service

  • Name is jeoff

    I think that we should have a choice and this will also Australia's obesity rate. Who would't want to do something for there country. You should be proud to do something for your country. You shouldn't expect to have a military service if you don't want to do it. Singapore is a great example. There city is clean because the whole Country helps

  • No more drafting.

    To do so is an enforcement of political agenda. A country is no longer free the moment their fate is determined by a government. No person should have their life dictated to them, whether it be military, taxing, or schooling. Ultimately, a draft is a violation of the very premise of freedom.

  • No, people should be free to decide for themselves.

    No, people should not be conscripted to serve in the military. Military service involves potentially injuring or killing others, and this is against the religious and moral values of many people. Nobody should be forced into the position of having to cause harm to others. Service in the military should always be voluntary.

  • No, a person should not be required to perform military service.

    Absent exigent circumstances in the time of war or major national crisis, a person should not be compelled to perform military service. Voluntary military service meets the personnel requirements in countries that have adopted this approach. Moreover, because many people have personal objections to military service that may not rise to the legal definition of conscientious objector, fairness dictates avoiding compulsory military when possible.

  • Compulsory military service is not necessary in the United States.

    While compulsory military service does have benefits, it is not necessary in countries in which willing volunteers are in sufficient supply. The United States is one such country. Compulsory military service may violate the religious or ethical beliefs of some citizens. It is fair to ask those individuals to set those beliefs aside in times of war, it is not reasonable in peacetime.

  • People have not been required to perform military service in decades.

    People have not been required to perform acts of military service since the last draft. America is based on freedom, and that includes freedom to fight or not to fight; people that do not wish to serve in the military should not be forced to do so when it has not been required of people for decades.

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