• Make it opt out instead of opt in.

    Yes, I think that people should be required to provide organ and tissue transplants after death. I think that it should be default that anyone who dies becomes an organ and tissue donor unless they specifically say otherwise. In other words, the reverse of how we usually do it by opting in to become a donor.

  • Yes, they should be

    Organ and tissue donation should be mandatory after a person has passed away. Their carcass is going to do nothing besides rot away, and that's just the plain truth of it. If organs and tissues are preserved, then you have a chance to save many lives. And even a chance for the deceased to live on, in a weird way.

  • No, I don't believe people should be required to provide organ and tissue transplants after death.

    I believe that only those who are willing volunteers should have their organs and tissues removed after death for transplants, many people wish to be buried in peace and as a whole and I believe we should respect that wish I believe there is more then enough willing donors right now that making it a requirement for everyone to be a donor would be a mistake.

  • No people should not have to donate their organs and tissue.

    People should not have to donate their organs and tissue because it is their right to decide how they want their body used even after death. Many people hold religious beliefs about what happens to their bodies after death and do not believe in cutting or burning the body. Additionally, to require people to donate organs and tissue for science can lead to this type of requirement being mandated when giving money to charities.

  • It should be their decision

    No, people should not be forced into something like this. It must be their decision and their choice. Sometimes it's the family's choice; the family might decide to donate their dead loved one's organs to help somebody else. It is a noble decision, but not everyone is comfortable with that. It shouldn't be forced.

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