Should people be required to serve in the military?

  • If every person served it would give a better understanding and respect.

    It surprises me that even military personnel argue against. The military is built on respect, Honour and a code of service for others. I believe that every person who comes of age should serve a min 2 years. NOT EVERY POSITION in the military is field. There are many support areas for those who are not as fit as others. The structure itself teaches about family-team work-a code of conduct and putting others before one self. . . . How is this a bad thing. In my opinion we need more discipline and more respect. To be able to take orders and also give them is a skill most are not taught. I myself would serve in a heart beat, And I will encourage all 6 of my children who are varied in strength and personality to serve as well.

  • Yes everyone should join the military

    My grandpa was 92 .He served in the military . He is dead not because of war .He dead because he had a heart attack . So don't so selfish ok,protect us ,help us,lut us live .I'a 10 years old ,please don't be so selfish .They fight for us . Thank you for listening

  • Yes because people have to protect our country and if people don't have a job they at least have something to do

    I am only 11 but i strongly think that people that are 18-25 should at least serve for 2 years. If people want to live in this country they have to protect it. For the people who don't join their tax money will buy equipment for our hearos of war.

  • Yes because people have to protect our country and if people don't have a job they at least have something to do

    I am only 11 but i strongly think that people that are 18-25 should at least serve for 2 years. If people want to live in this country they have to protect it. For the people who don't join their tax money will buy equipment for our hearos of war.

  • If people are

    Not going to contribute to the USA and try to make it a better place then they should be required to join the military if they aren't going to get a job/career then they should do something and not just be a lazy person that sits around and collects money from the hard working people every month.

  • They should serve

    I think so because my english class has a debate for this argument and im on ghe side that says yes that they should serve in the military, but instead of atleast one year, it has two years in the military you have to serve if you are an eligible citizen, but they point of this message has nothing to do with the argument

  • I believe people should be required to join the military.

    I believe people should because it will help your country. It will get more people to fight in war. More people in the military. Actually knowing what the military goes through. And more civilian would be train to be better people and have better manners to help other and or themselves

  • This is your country and you know how to protect it!

    Yes, people should be required to join the military for at least one year when they are of age. If you are citizen of this country, then it is your duty to defend it when necessary. Many people believe that freedom is actually free and they take advantage that they are not required to do anything but live their lives while those that join the military may or may not return home. Giving everyone the experience of severing would give them appreciation for the government.

  • Free To Choose

    Some people are not fit enough for things like the military out in the field. People may not be as smart as others. The military isn't for everyone. There's a lot of grateful people out there who thank the men and women who have died for us and the ones currently serving. They shouldn't have to serve just to prove it.

  • No reason to force people

    The reasoning behind most of the other case is saying that the people have a responsibility to serve and that if they don't it isn't showing respect, Or that there isn't enough motivation to join the army. However, People who join the army receive compensation, Such as paying student loan and opportunities for better jobs.

  • Because people have a right to do what they want.

    Because if young people join and they die then they have less things to experience then an 90 year old man. People are also entitled to there own opinion for example if someone is scared to join and don't want to risk their life for other people. This why they should not have to be bossed around by an angry person

  • You should not HAVE to join the military.

    I think this because some people may not want to go out in war, to lay down there lives. Most people have a family that they want to be able to see a lot. And if you go into the military then there is no promise you will ever get to come back home and see your family.

  • Why should they be forced to go into a dangerous situation?

    Why should innocent people who have no desire to fight then be placed in a dangerous situation from which they may not come back from? Some people say yes because then people would respect the military, people will be trained and you should protect your country. But what will you say to the loved ones of those who died because they were conscripted? "Oh yes sorry but we may have accidentally caused your loved one's death because we thought they didn't respect the military enough" or "we thought forcefully sending them to a place where people can be killed or permanently scarred would train your loved one better" or " yes I'm sorry but I thought that to protect the country instead of me going and joining the military, I sent your loved one to do it instead"

  • It goes against free will

    You cannot make everyone join the military, they might be pacifists or don't want to risk their lives for nothing, some people join the military others are lawyers people cannot waste time joining the military for a year as some suggest that's just holding back careers. It's just not right

  • Its should be your choice

    You need ti be able to find your own job in the future, you should not be forced to join the military. Some of the reasons why is you could die that should be able to relise what could happen. So not you should not be forced to join the military.

  • The Dangers of Servitude

    Although you are not required to go over seas and fight in war when serving, you are required to spend time away from your family and do strenuous activity. Some people aren't ready to be away from their families nor do they have the physical competence to serve, Military servitude can be exciting but deadly and I personally wouldn't be ready to make that decision to risk my life for my country.

  • We have rights to choose what we want

    If your not strong, you shouldn't be required to join the military or go to war. If your forced to go to war if your not strong, you might as well commit suicide. Your pretty much getting yourself killed. Do you want to be that country who forces scrawny, older teens to go out there and get killed? No!!!

  • I understand what the person saying yes is saying

    But the military isn't for everyone. Not everyone is cut out to face the horrors of war. But I believe anyone who loves our country would support our military. That I do know. But as far as making others serve in war, there's a few problems. There's that not everyone is cut out for that, and not all wars are just. I would refuse to serve my country if we're in an unjust war.

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