• Blood has been spilled for less.

    Thought history people have died for the right to vote and are still fighting for the right to vote today. Its disrespectful and a waste of our ancestors achievements who shed blood and tears for the right to vote. How appalled would they be knowing that people today abuse that liberty that they could only dream of?

  • Australia has great success with required voting

    Requiring someone to vote is a bit of a difficult thing. This requires them to choose a candidate from a pool that they may not like. In this case, they may write in whatever candidate they would prefer. The current US system does allow write ins. Making voting compulsary would get more people involved in the political system. Since we give people the day off work to go vote anyhow, we may as well make sure they use that time wisely.

  • Even if you have little to no interest in politics you're still affected by the outcome.

    So what if you don't care about politics? What if you're a person who loses your job because of the new laws that come in place? Even if you have no interest in politics you're still going to be affected so why not vote to make your life and probably many others better?

  • Voting is a priviledge

    Everybody should not be required to vote because they do not pay attention to politics and when they do vote, they hurt the prospect of freedom and liberty. Most Americans do not pay much attention to politics and it would be dangerous if many people were required to vote when they should not.

  • Compulsory voting doesn't work.

    There are many past and present examples to prove it. Most countries that have compulsory voting (such as Australia, Belgium and Brazil) have high numbers of spoiled ballots. Which means at least some of those ballots were probably intentionally spoiled. This goes to show that people will always find some way to avoid voting.

    Just because someone's old enough to vote doesn't mean they should have to. Like one of the other posters said, Many American adults don't pay attention to national politics. So odds are the same goes for adults in most countries.

  • No, I don't believe people should be required to vote.

    I believe it should be a persons personal choice whether or not they wish to vote in an election, there are a large number of people who have no interest in politics or have no idea of the stances behind the people that are running for office and I don't think we should require people like to vote.

  • Vote for the same guy every election

    Nope, it's a right and I'll keep it. I don't have to vote and that is exactly how it should be. If voting works so great than how come we are living in a country with a $17 trillion debt and a President whose countrywide approval rate dropped to below 45% last year? Why vote when it doesn't matter.

  • People Should Not Be Required To Vote

    No, people should not be required to vote. Along with the right to vote comes the implicit understanding that one has the right to abstain from voting. Abstinence from voting does not necessarily indicate an uncaring of what is going on in the political world. Instead, it may indicate an anger at the political process.

  • No,people should not be required to vote.

    No,people should not be required to vote.No matter how much obligation a person should feel in regards to voting,making someone vote would just really defeat the whole purpose of having a free society where people can choose not to vote and yet still be able to complain about government and public officials.

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