Should people be required to wear mandatory bicycle helmets?

  • Helmets save lives!

    KIds can die from not wearing a helmet. Factors including bad weather, car crashes, and even just falling down can all be bad without a helmet! Reflective strips are also needed, because if you ride in the night without a reflective helmet, a driver may not see you and crash. If you are getting a helmet, get one approved by the American National Standards institute. Also get the proper fit.

  • Yes you should

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  • Yes yes yes!!!!

    So what if you look silly it keeps you safe. If your riding your bike on a sidewalk and fall a helmet could save your head and keep you safe. Overall would you rather be safe or risk getting hurt? I don't know about you but I would rather be safe.

  • Why not help prevent head trauma?

    We have had the law in Australia for over 30 years. I can see no reason to NOT have mandatory helmets. They are part of life and save serious injuries or possible death. Its no big deal, just wear a helmet!!! We think nothing of it. . . . .

  • Yes, fine it if they don't

    It's really not worth risking a serious and permanent injury because you don't want to look a little silly riding your bike. This isn't the kind of thing you can lock somebody up for, but a small fine to let them know that this is a serious manner would keep helmets on.

  • No. Helmets Do Not Always Save Lives.

    If Helmets Wear Mandatory More People Would End Up Being Diagnosed With Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, & Other Diseases Because Bike Riding Has A Lot Of Health Benefits; If Helmets Where Mandatory A Lot Less People Would Ride Bikes & There's A Lot Of People That Should Be Riding Bikes. The Only Thing Helmets Are Good For Is Not Cracking Your Skull Open, But If I Had To Choose Between Being Paralyzed For Life & Dead I Will Also Choose Death Between The 2.

  • Not every one should have to wear a helmet its not a law in most states and most people don't even die from these accidents.

    If you are careful when you are riding a bike you wont get hurt without wearing a helmet. If get hurt its your fault. Did you know its almost always the kids fault that he accident happened now you know the truth spread the truth to everyone thank you for reading

  • No they should not were helmets

    People can were helmets if they want but they do not need to........I think they should not beacuse people who have skill will not need to were a helmet inless they are wimps...Most skilled people will not were a helmet but it is there choice...I also think helmets will only save old kids by 5%

  • Yes Yes YES

    I believe they should wear a helmet nobody is going make fun of you
    it saves you,it will help you so that when you get in an accident you wont be in that much damage.So that's why helmets are important to our own body.The mind depends on it very much.

  • Not Everywhere All The Time

    I believe people should have the right to chose rather or not they want to wear bicycle helmets when it comes to public parks, sidewalks, riding paths. I believe bicyclists who chose to use public roads and streets should be required to wear helmets because when they are on the street the are much more likely to have an accident with a vehicle.

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