• Some people should be sterilized.

    Sterilization is a necessary treatment for pedophiles and other sexual predators. If a rapist has shown extreme sexual perversion, sometimes the best punishment is for this person to lose the use of their sexual organs. This is the only way to protect innocent members of society. We should be touch on sexual criminals.

  • Convicted multiple count sex offenders and repeat heavy drug offenders

    If someone is smoking half a pound of crack or meth, then they shouldn't be having any kids. This would actually benefit the mother since if she is selling her body for the hard drugs, then she wont have to pay for birth control. As for sex offenders, they should not be able to raise kids with that they have done.

  • Hell yes. Many out there need to be sterilized as soon as possible.

    Hell yes. Sterilization should be legal and many people need to be sterilized for one reason or another. There are many people out there who should not be able to breed/have kids. There are enough stupid, brainless people on the planet and we don't need anymore. The more stupid people that can be sterilized, the better. There are many people out there that give compelling arguments for why this procedure should be legal along with late term abortions. These particular people should not be able to breed their major stupidity onto the planet. I can keep going but I'll stop here.

  • A agree deepl

    Time and time again the government has abused its power on minorities in particular from Jim crow laws to literacy test . The governement has a very bad habitat of abusing power. Some will say this doesnt matter because of how long ago this happened, but change takes more than a couple decades for something as big as the governement

  • No that's pretty fucked up.

    Regardless of how heinous of a crime someone does or how bad or simply annoying someone is, that does not give someone else or the state the right to sterilize them. A system that has authority to sterilize it's citizens could easily abuse it for evil purposes of eliminating minorities, disabled people or people who oppose it. Nor should for any other reasons should people be inconsequentially sterilized.

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