Should people be subjected to full background checks in order to purchase a gun?

  • I say yes

    Not everyone should be able to purchase a gun. Plain and simple. There should be vision tests, light training, criminal background screening, psychological tests, intent, gun care and responsibility screening, the works. Guns are a deadly weapon, so not just anyone should be walking around with them. Only the most reliable of citizens should be anywhere near one

  • Yes, a full background check should be required.

    In order for an individual to purchase a gun, the person must pass a thorough background check. The background check should include a detailed history of the person's mental health, as well as any criminal records connected to the potential purchaser. If the individual has a history of violence or any type of mental instability, the individual should not be allowed to purchase a firearm.

  • Full background including mental history

    Yes people should be subjected to full background checks to buy guns. That is a no-brainer. But they should also include a mental history or a psych test in order to purchase a gun. Unfortunately in today's society many people are suffering from mental illness, especially depression, and performing a simple psych test would prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands.

  • Yes, people should be subjected to full background checks in order to purchase a gun.

    People should be subjected to full background checks before they purchase a gun because it is the best way for society to be protected against people who want to purchase guns for immediate harm and against people who are mentally ill or criminally inclined. The background check takes some time, and this means that a person can't walk in and out with a gun immediately. The person with a criminal background can be turned away because he is likely to use the gun for criminal activity. The background check helps to ensure that law-abiding citizens can purchase guns, an important right in that a person has the freedom to protect himself and his private property, if he so desires.

  • Yes, full background checks should be mandatory before you can buy a gun.

    If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to subject yourself to a background check. If the length of time it would take is objectionable, I'd ask, why do you need a gun RIGHT NOW? What are you planning to do with said gun? People have to get background checks to be night janitors in schools, why not to own a deadly weapon?

  • Simple answer

    No they shouldn't because guns should not be sold to civilians. Simple solution, only military should have weapons. The most common argument I hear for people having the right to "bear arms" is that the USA is a nation born out of revolt and that they require guns in case the government becomes corrupt and militias are needed to over throw them. Very nice, though not applicable since the invention of the tank, fighter bombers, sophisticated naval forces and weapons drones. The constitution should be changed - Europe got rid of guns from the general public many years ago, and guess what? We don't send our children to schools in fear that they will "be with God" at the end off the day because some nut job who "played too many games/watched too many violent movies/insert any scapegoat that shifts attention away from the fact that organisations like the NRA are to blame" crawled out of his dark basement, showed his pasty skin to the light of day and proceeded to go crazy taking as many innocents as possible with them. Sort out the backwards, out of date and ridiculous constitution.

  • Background checks are racist in origin

    Background checks are elitist. This goes back to the old days in the Jim Crow era USA when blacks were forced to get background checks to see their origins. I think it's bogus that anyone should have a background check in order to obtain guns. I believe a criminal record should be enough.

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