Should people be tested for COVID before boarding a plane?

  • Protection from spreading COVID 19

    Should travellers be tested prior to boarding airplanes to prevent the transmission of COVID 19 as they will be locked in a confined space with others for a period of time and then going to a new place and moving about from taxis to buses to streets. Much of the spread of the virus (and other illnesses) seems to be from people travelling.

  • Yes they should

    They could get tested before the board the plane and after they land.
    False positive exist and not every test will work, But they will at least be stopping people from spreading it to others.
    The results should be shared and not hidden to better isolate 1 person over getting 15 infected.

  • Yes and no.

    Whilst I agree that if a person is travelling they should of course be tested no doubt with that. I also think that people should not be travelling. It's an unnecessary risk and with a shortage of tests in many countries at the moment I would really hope that the travel is essential as those tests are really needed at the moment.

  • How could anyone answer no to this question?

    For sure, We should be taking the most active precautionary measures possible. If you don’t believe in this, You are either an ignorant faggot or some dumb conspiracy theory-maker that thinks coronavirus is a hoax when really it’s coming out of a mouth filled with shit and a brain filled with deformed brain cells.

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