Should people be tested prior to being able to vote?

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  • To do almost anything in this world you have to have the ability and knowledge (driving a car, operate tools) but they let anyone vote

    People can have absolutely no knowledge in politics but they vote anyways, typically for a name they like or one position they care about but having a true grasp of the effects of any policy/politician is more important than the policy/politician itself. An excellent example is the Affordable Care Act (affordable to anyone with limit income). On the cover is sounds good and equitable but as we experience the roll out, we see all the issues (Government running any program, website costs, constant changes to the law, more people enrolled in government hand outs (medicaid), appeasement to the unions (waived access fees that every other American has to pay)! It's funny because everyone blames the House but they have put forth many bills not considered by the Senate. Additionally the Senate as passed a budget in many years and now they decree the Nuclear Option (which was last done in the 1700's). At least Republicans are not hypocrites like the Dems who lined up to support the Affordable care act until they're job is in jeopardy (because 10 times more people are being kicked off their plan than are signing up for the new plan). No foresight whatsoever!!!! Just keep giving stuff away and they'll get the votes!!

  • Absolutely, it should be.

    Competence is required to make informed choices. Allowing voters to do so without any knowledge leads to poor leadership. While we should not have a "high" bar, voters should at least have a basic understanding of civics. This also falls on the nation to teach this subject better in schools.

  • Absolutely, it should be.

    Competence is required to make informed choices. Allowing voters to do so without any knowledge leads to poor leadership. While we should not have a "high" bar, voters should at least have a basic understanding of civics. This also falls on the nation to teach this subject better in schools.

  • Absolutely, it should be.

    Competence is required to make informed choices. Allowing voters to do so without any knowledge leads to poor leadership. While we should not have a "high" bar, voters should at least have a basic understanding of civics. This also falls on the nation to teach this subject better in schools.

  • Who will make the Tests?

    I think the government should create an agency that creates the test, the members of the agency should be transparent and without affiliation to the competing parties. Or maybe an international organization like UN or EU will make its own agency about the creation of tests that will be implemented to member countries.

  • Too many uninformed people making bad choices

    Too many voters make choices for the wrong reasons. This is partially due to misinformation by politicians and the media. People should be tested to make sure they are able to make an informed choice. This shouldn't be based on literacy as this could negatively affect voters in poorer areas, so should purely be based on the ability to make a rational choice.

    I'll leave this to smarter people than me to create but I do think it is possible. Once created, all political parties and independant reviewers can approve to make sure the questions aren't biased to discriminate against certain voters.

    Ideally people who failed the test would be encouraged to take a more level-headed approach to politics. This would make politics smarter and less about personalities with false promises.

  • We Need This in order for the United States to Survive

    There have been numerous problems in our recent government. This is because most of the people are dumb enough to vote weak or harmful leaders into office. We need to cut out the less intelligent portion of our population and bring in the more intelligent part. That will lead to our government recovering from what it is today.

  • One step further We should make government a profession like any other

    You go to college you get to legislate or administer or serve on a court. Instead of this beauty contest we call democracy we should make politics into a profession that people actually study for. Those who pass the tests and get the right credentials should get the interviews and then get the jobs.

  • I have been saying this for years

    People, in the USA, we have something called a Constitution...Or at least we used to. When voters have no earthly idea of what is in the Constitution and no idea about the concepts of a free nation, they have no business voting for anyone. When they do not even know what their candidate stands for and that is usually the case, why would they be allowed to cancel out the vote of a highly educated voter who does know the Constitution and what the candidates stand for. People consistently admitting they voted for Obama because he was black (not actually black but you understand). Also, no one should be allowed to vote who receives a government check. Why? Because they are most likely to continue to vote for the candidate/party that promises to give them more money. They can and they do. At one time, you could only vote if you owned land for similar reasons.

  • The age restriction is illogical.

    We currently say that no one under the age of 18 can vote, because we believe that they are not wise enough to make such decisions. By making that very claim, we are saying that wisdom is a prerequisite to voting. By acknowledging that fact, we can begin to decide what the best way to measure that prerequisite is. Since not everyone matures, nor gains wisdom at the same pace, setting the bar based on age is illogical, foolish, and discriminates based on age (a legally protected status). A test, while imperfect, is a far more accurate method.

  • Your a crazy control freak

    If you support testing then you support lit testes on African Americans after the civil war. Test to vote is exclusive and can be manipulated by the proctors. Government is greed and cruel and will manipulate groups to do their bidding.
    I understand you hate obamacare and crazy leaders but when you create this test. This test will start to exclude and it might even come to the point to where it excludes you. I know there are idiots and crazy people in this world but most people still don't vote. You can offset these crazies by getting more people to vote...
    I know their is hypocrisy and political machines but you need to find another way. Testing= exclusion from politics and excludes their voice. We need more people to have a voice to cancel out the crazies.
    We are guarantee political equality but not economic equality under our constitution. If you really want change, start by getting more people to vote. Don't exclude people like the Nazis but include more people into the realm of voting and politics. Make it so it is fun for those people to vote and inform them about issues at their level. The reason why most people don't vote is because people deem government as a high intellectual game that is too complicated for the average person. To get people to vote. Simplify it to where we all can understand. When more people are include more effective change can come about. Educated people will vote so go and educate.

  • People shouldnt be tested before voting.

    Why would we try to test people before they vote? There is no reason to do something so drastic, and it would just be time consuming. There is no drug out there that makes you change your mind when voting, people have their own thoughts on subjects and just because they might be taking something illegal doesn't remove their right to choose something they believe in. Its a vote for a reason, there are going to be more people who are not on drugs or something than people who are..

  • Voting is a right of citizenship.

    All the views of our voting citizens are important. Maybe if our government was as entertaining as some of our reality TV we might get some people to vote. For me the problem lies in the apathy of the citizens that do not vote. So no testing is needed just more honesty and accountability in our government will solve many problems including the voting and lack of involvement.

  • The government must represent all the people

    Everyone should have a right to vote. The government is there to represent us all, not just the intelligent. The government also represents the disabled, the intellectually impaired, the mentally unstable, the criminals and everyone, so everyone should have a right to have a small say I who it is.

  • Really Bad Idea.

    Who would decide who passes the "Voting Test?" The Government controlled by the party in power? This restricts one of the most fundamental rights we have. The Right to vote. Shall I be considered to dumb to vote, because I dislike the Democratic Policies, as well as that of the Republican Parties. It just seems to be a great plan for removing the right to vote of those whom hold different opinions that those in power.

  • Giving government more control

    This really seems like a terrible idea to me. If the government can control who can and can't vote then we are giving them more power to enforce what they want over the will of the people. And honestly, they really don't need more control over us. They have enough.

    This also would change what little of a democracy we have into a republic. The definition of republic according to dictionary.Com is "a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them." I see no reason to create a voting class, it sounds too easily corrupted and agenda bent.

  • 14th and 15th Amendments anyone?

    This is just the kind of think that hate groups such as the KKK have been doing to restrict the voting rights of minorities. Also, if you can do this, what would keep you from making me take a test in an effort to take away my basic civil rights?

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