• God is the Reason We're Here

    Yes, people should believe in God. Without God we could do NOTHING, but we can do ALL thing through Christ which strengthens us. The world would be a better place if everyone believed in God because belief denotes action. If everyone believed and acted on that belief, the everyone would follow the teachings of the Bible and we could all live in peace.

  • God is something we cannot live without

    People who don't believe in God should be ashamed. God is the one who created us, and he sacrificed his son so that the whole world would live sin free, and come to live in heaven with him when we pass. He gave us our children, and our world. Without God, we would be nothing but dust. Unable to live, speak, or move.

  • We should believe i God almighty.

    I believe in God because, he made us and without Him, we wouldn't even be on this earth alive. Studies show that people who believe in something or someone more powerful than them will live longer and have a healthier and happier life. I also believe in God whether he is real or not. Even if God did not exist, believing and fearing God is what keeps a lot of people from committing acts that would negatively affect that person or people around them. The Bible serves as a guideline for people to follow and change for their ways for the better of everyone and themselves.

  • Yes, we need to

    Fake idols would not save the world as the one true god would do. He told us not to believe in false idols. The crusades and horrible stuff may have happened, But it is the way of tolerance in today's world. We have the freedom to believe in god, so we must use it.

  • God Is Here

    God is here on this website and very upset that ONLY 60% of these people believe in God. One day we shall all acknowledge God and bow down to Him. And when we do all of you who say God is just like the Easter Bunny or Santa will regret it. And cry out to God for forgiveness but it is too late because He had already given you a chance to repent from your sins but instead you chose to repent from God.

  • Good is real people listen!

    God is real and if god is not real then who made us and our holy book. God made us and our holy book. The holy book is from the direct words from God they also contain so much wisdom. If god didn’t make us then who will decide where we go when we die heaven? Or hell? That is why I believe god is real. People who don’t believe in god should be ashamed of themselves because god created us, our family and other people. If god was not real we would not be here standing, learning and using our five senses (smell, taste, sight, feel, touch). If god never made us we would not be on this earth staying alive and eating and being free and if god did not exist we would not be doing this.

  • God is our savior and creator

    We should believe in God because we are his creations. Without him we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't' have a life to live in, a world to be in, families and friends to cherish, and things we need. He is the one who forgives our sins whether it is illegal or just a simple mistake. No one is like God. God is our one and only holy father. We are his children and he created us for a reason. Yes, most of the world won't believe God and that's alright but we should at least know he exist because if he didn't, we all wouldn't be here on this planet. People who believe in God may think we should believe because he is powerful, strong, awesome and our creator but God is indescribable. The one and only word we can describe God as is LOVE. Love is the only word that can describe God in any other way because he loves us. We are his children. He loves each and every one of us no matter what. Whether we are a criminals or we are not living in families anymore because no one will love us more than God with all his heart and passion.
    If you guys disagree still to what I say, I will accept that. I'm not forcing anybody to believe in god. I just want people to know that we should believe in god and know he is always there for us no matter what happens.

  • Because of the proof.

    I'm not saying that the christian God exists, but there has to have been something that created everything. Have you ever thought about the perfection of our earth? The Earth is located the right distance from the sun. Consider the temperature swings we encounter, roughly -30 degrees to +120 degrees. If the Earth were any further away from the sun, we would all freeze. Any closer and we would burn up. Even a fractional variance in the Earth's position to the sun would make life on Earth impossible. The Earth remains this perfect distance from the sun while it rotates around the sun at a speed of nearly 67,000 mph. It is also rotating on its axis, allowing the entire surface of the Earth to be properly warmed and cooled every day.

    And our moon is the perfect size and distance from the Earth for its gravitational pull. The moon creates important ocean tides and movement so ocean waters do not stagnate, and yet our massive oceans are restrained from spilling over across the continents.

    That is just a fraction of why we should believe in God. I know that many people think that christians are stuckup people who aren't reasonable and can't even explain their own religion, but that is merely a stereotype.

  • If they want to

    I don't really think there is much debate about this. If someone would like to believe in God they can, if they don't, then they don't gave to. To each their own. You should never force someone to believe in God and you should never force somebody not to believe in God.

  • Nothing to lose

    It's obviously a debate that will never end, however. This. Is a good thing. Because. Anything worth fighting for is, image if every body all agree would be no more debate, which would silence. The issue and then we would all assume were all on the same page which therefore would open up a whole. New can, there is an absolute opposite to everything, life here could survive without. That aspect if it could, it would be heaven not earth, obviously everything has a Creator, a book. Car, house absolutely everything, so why not a Creator of life itself? God? Yes Jesus. Yes it's perfect. Its absolutely perfect! By the way ask yourself. How is it possible that the world, the universe. All works in precise order. Timing, gravity, sun up sun down. Oceans. Atmosphere. Order Devon's order who's controlling all that? You may have problems controlling your own life yet this massive universe works freely and easy? Mmmmm?

  • No

    Religion is bad. It teaches kids to be close minded and leads to ignorace. Believing in god is like believing in santa or the easter bunny. God is jut another fairytale that was used to control the lower class and make them act well behaved or well burn in hell. also it was a way for monarchs to justify the crusades, mulitple mass genocides, and slavery. People today can think on there own because we know alot more about the world around us that we dont need some imaginary friend to give the answers to the unknown. I rather teach my kid facts than have him end up in some sort of ignorace is bliss situation. Teaching kids through science and real education will encourage them to explore the unknown more often instead of accepting that god just did everything.

  • No I don't think people should believe in God

    Not necessarily anyway, it is a personal choice as to whether to believe or not. I would say if nothing else they need to believe in themselves more than anything. If that includes God, then fine, if not, that's ok too. People just need to realize their own power, and that they can do anything they put their mind to doing, no matter what it is or what other people may think of them. So no I don't think people should believe in God per se, just in themselves and their own power as human beings.

  • Why should I?

    Simple. If said yes, and you mean it, it is your belief but it doesn't mean I have to believe. And I was born a catholic, but I changed because it only hurt me. You Should not persuade and or force people to change their belief, if they have one not.

  • It's illogical .

    It's illogical to believe in god, why? Because there's no proof he exists, just like how it's ilogical to if I say I believe I'm a pundercover pink unicorn because there's no proof of it, if you believe in something existing when that 'something'' has 0 evidence of actually existing then that's stupid and illogical

  • "God" disregards physics, is homophobic and is sexist.

    Christians clearly don't understand how physics works. You can't exist in heaven, your brain won't have energy. If you hold your breath for a while (1-2 minutes, you'll notice it becomes hard to think clearly. Living on heaven for eternity then just isn't possible, there will be no energy for you consciousness to use.

    It says in the Bible that there is supposedly a God (let's presume this is true for the sake of argument), and that he is all loving. The fact that God directly says that men should have power over women, is sexist. In the Bible it also says that it shall only be man loving woman is and, LGBTQQI people are sinners. This is EXTREMELY homophobic!

  • People should have a right to believe what they want to

    It's painfully obvious that religion was a way to control the masses. You can see looking back In any history textbook how many kings and emperors used religion to have their subjects do what they please. Back to the subject though is people will and can believe what they want to. You have no right to tell people they are "wrong" for not believing in God. It's really just a matter of opinion really so unless I see some proof of God existing or not existing then I will change my beliefs.

  • We dont need anyone telling someone else what they need to believe

    Religion was created in a primitive time when people were supersticious and had very few explanations for alot of things that occured such as lightning which they thought to be gods anger , they also thought the earth was the center of the universe , the Bible was written by men and wasn't meant to be taken litterally ,and anyone who thinks otherwise is nieve ,,,,its contradictory , like how did adam and eve begin the human race without incest ? ....What did all the animals on noahs ark have to eat after the flood ( that there isn't enough water for) there would be no plants or animals for food after a flood,........It really doesn't take much sense to figure this out ,.....Besides if there were a god who was capable of curing all the suffering in the world but didn't he would be a incredibly cruel evil bastard anyway , not loving and giving!!!

  • God/jesus is a european myth!

    I once was a Christian until I learned about my background. Nobody on this earth has any kind of proof that Jesus is real, at all. How is it that we can dig up or ancestors (Egyptians) who have been dead longer than Jesus was EVER thought of, but we can not dig up any character from the Bible? Because the Bible is BALONY. Look. Our Egyptian ancestors bodies are up in museum's, while the only thing we know as Jesus is a white man, PAINTED on a canvas. The man who painted Jesus and his seven deciples (you can look this up in any history record ) had a white man, and seven other normal men, sit in for a painting. Which means. THERE IS NO ACTUAL PROOF. We do not follow a God, our only God is the sun, we depend on the sun for everything. There are no rules to abide by! No! Stop living by a RULE BOOK.

  • I put no but I just don know!

    I've got doubts that God is out there since if he is then why did he just start Earth, or I guess I should say the entire universe, and then just leave it to Humans to handle things. It seems to me that all Humans have done, or to many of them, have caused, contributed or just sat back and done nothing about easing/ending suffering and pain. Why must there be a God for Human beings to learn and/or to do good?

  • Manipulation of The Mind (please read) Love is Real!

    The bible is a metaphor for reality put into simpler terms for all to comprehend; however, when one is using symbolism, it allows for the truth to ultimately develop into a lie therefore causing misconceptions. For a primary example, the word "GOD" firstly, religious beliefs aside, how would one define the word "god". What is a god? A superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity, a creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; a supreme being? In the Christian bible, (as well as others) "GOD" is a metaphor for different things that in reality are not the same thing. Firstly, God = Love, secondly God = Power, God = Proud, (God = initially unforgiving??), God = cruel, God = JUDGMENTAL, God = Everything and at the same time in the image of man? The truth of the matter is, religion is constructed in order to capture you and brain wash you. We all want love. No one wants to suffer. Therefore, we are trapped by ourselves just by having been informed. Religion is used as a tool of power to fuel wars and hatred in the name of greed for the third party (the manipulators). I feel, personally, that it is important to base your beliefs on concrete knowledge. Do no be a sheep. If it pleases one to refer to the connection of the universe as "God", (which I don't encourage) I'd advice building your own relationship with the universe. I do not detest spirituality. I believe in the eternal universe. Existence, life, love, all that is, truly exists and we as a part of the eternal universe are eternal. The concluding fact is, the bible etc are built on truth, but manipulate it. EG, "Heaven" = enlightenment "Hell" = destruction. Analyze the bible and realize the truths behind it without the manipulation of men. We exist. We create. We live. We love. We are a part of it all. It's not a magic "MAN" in the sky, it is magical, but REAL! We are all a part of "god"! WE ARE NOT SLAVES! We must not allow ourselves to be enslaved by other people playing GOD!! All that matters is PEACE LOVE UNITY and RESPECT! & my religion is YOU. I don't believe in GOD but I believe in YOU! Give love and receive love, feel it's greatness! Put good out and receive good! Love will set you free. Lastly, I feel it's important that people acknowledge that people do not need to be taught morals we can feel what's right and wrong. There are many other misconceptions and stigmas to be addressed within our society that cause all of the suffering and pain, but I know that if people ground themselves to the truth, we can move forward as a race and better the world!

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Anonymous says2013-09-11T00:53:41.797
I just dont have any proof of "god" so I do not wish to believe in a thing that is not proven