• SUV’s are a bad investment.

    I think that less people should buy SUV’s. Many SUV drivers are not have enough driving
    skills to drive these type of vehicles.
    An SUV in the wrong hands is a potential weapon which could possibly
    maim or kill someone. I believe that
    people shouldn’t buy SUV’s, and if they do, they should be required to take a
    specialized driving course before they are allowed to drive them.

  • People should buy SUVs.

    SUVs are a great alternative to the mini van and car. They offer more space than a car without sacrificing too much with gas mileage, such as that of a van, and offer style. SUVs have become more affordable and use less gas than ever before. Also, SUVs are great for hauling kids. They are safe vehicles and very reliable.

  • SUV's are EVIL

    SUV's are a endangerment to society. They kill 200,000,000 every day. SUV's can hurt people. They are not safe. They are unsafe. Sport utility vehicles kill innocent children. Sport utility vehicles should be illegal. Please outlaw sport utility vehicles. SUV's will kill people. SUV's are evil. Outlaw sport utility vehicles.

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