• Should people be able to have concealed weapons

    I think only some people because some people might use guns for bad purposes and i also think that people with bad records should not be able to have a weapon. People should be able to have weapons but not in public places like library or stores and schools. Only people with clear records or retired cops or people that where in the military.

  • Yes, for our protection!

    Without any guns, people could walk into an un-armed house and severely injure anyone because they werent prepared. Think about it, if someone walked into your house carrying a gun, and you had nothing other than a bat to defend your self with nothing good is going to happen. Even worse if a guy was pointing a gun at your childs head and you had only a bat to use, it wouldnt end very well.. We need guns for everyones protection!

  • Criminals will carry them anyway

    Drugs are illegal, but people still obtain them and use them. If you take away the constitutional right to carry firearms, the only people it will hurt are the good law-abiding citizens. The government can't ensure everybody's protection... Sometimes you have to look out for yourself. Many robberies and rapes could be prevented just by flashing a handgun. Most of the time the criminal will retreat. So yes, people should have the right to carry hidden weapons.

  • Yes, people certainly should carry concealed weapons

    I certainly believe that responsible, law abiding citizens in the United States should carry concealed weapons. Not only does it give you a sense of security, but I honestly believe that if more people carried concealed weapons that it would make criminals think twice before approaching people in a hostile manner.

  • In Limited Fashion, Within the Law

    Permits can be issued for concealed weapons use as many states do today. The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment, including carrying a concealed weapon. No system is perfect, but Americans have the right to carry weapons. Businesses and government agencies should have the right to restrict concealed weapon use on their premises.

  • Yes, it is our right

    If you are doing things the right way and you do not have problems with the law than it should be your choice in weather you can carry a weapon or not. I think that it is a good idea to check the people out that are getting the permits but they should be able to carry them.

  • Yes, I believe it is morally right.

    Why would it not be right for me to carry a weapon, but a police officer whom society deems to be a good person can? I mean do you truly believe that every cop out there is a good person? Just by speaking with some I can tell how corrupt in power they are, only because of their privileges to incriminate people. Yes it will help other criminals second guess themselves but I feel that it is anyones right to carry a weapon.

  • Yes, we should be able to carry handguns with us.

    The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. So, that's enough reason as to why we should be able to carry concealed handguns. It will make criminals second guess themselves, and the government can't guarantee every citizen's safety. Allowing people to carry concealed handguns should be allowed in the United States.

  • yes it is a good thing

    Yes people should because in one of the many rules of guns is it is YOUR responsibility and NOT the guns or the victims fault. Also you need to be prepared to kill someone they come hand in hand guns have save quadruple the lives they have saved. I personally want a gun if I get attacked and not a pool noodle.

  • Yes I think they should because it means more safety for everyone.

    This world has come to innocent adults and children losing their lives. People who carry for the werong reasons of shooting to kill are getting away with it! Conceal & carry allows people like myself to be properly trained when using the weapon and shoot to bring down, not kill. Had some victims been able to carry and defend themselves the perp would be in custody & victim themselves or friend would still have their life.

  • Its a bad idea!

    People should not be allowed because concealed weapons cause more consequences than good. Think about the children, what are you teaching them, that the world is not safe and you should carry a weapon around to protect yourself in stead of defending yourself in a less violent manner. That's just as bad as letting them play the knife game. Also, children these days are sneaky, they find ways to everything. So if you try to hide the weapon they will find it and miss around with it. Also what is you accidentally shoot someone. All im saying is if you want to carry an armed weapon be my guest because the world now is falling into ruins, but be safe about it.

  • It increases the number of unintended injuries

    On Average 33 gun homicides occurred each day from 2005 through 2010. More than 1100 people are killed each year in gun accidents. Since 1960, more Americans have been murdered by guns than were killed in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. So why is there a need to carry a concealed weapon look how many incidents have happened due to this cause.

  • People shouldn't carry concealed weapons.

    There is no reason for concealed weapons. Most attacks catch victims by surprise anyway. It is very difficult for someone being attacked to pull out their handgun. Anyway, it is fighting violence with violence. It is just unnecessary in my opinion. The few irresponsible people ruin it for everyone else. You can't trust everyone; that would be naive.

  • People should not carry concealed weapons

    They should not because it may make you feel safe but the people around you may not feel safe they may feel threatened. It makes it difficult for the police to tell who is bad and who is good. They should just leave it to people that are trained like the police not to somebody that's not trained.

  • School shootings pro or against

    School shootings happen because people have the right the bear arms what if a teacher has a gun in there desk and the kids know about it and they shoot up a school because of that, also what if people want to rape people adn they have a gun they could do it a lot easier

  • Of Course people should be able to carry concealed gun.

    If someone were to get robbed in the middle of the night don't they have the right to defend their own person? Robbing a bank would be really difficult if the people in the bank were armed. Also the same thing goes for any public place. Nobody has even heard of a shooting in a gun show has they? That's because everybody is armed!

  • Theres a first offense for every criminal

    The background check for concealed carry seems useless to me. You have to be an adult, which is fine, but the criminal part is what gets me. Its not like you're born bad. Carrying a weapon just makes it easier for anyone not in their right mind or not thinking rationally to hurt someone whenever they feel like it

  • Creates culture of violence

    Civilised people in a free society should interact openly and with candour. Concealing a weapon as you enter a social situation is disruptive of trust and good will. People may be polite and law abiding out of fear of what others will do to them, but this us not the same as mutual respect. Mutual fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, making violence more likely.

  • Increasing unintended injury

    Obtaining a concealed weapon is increasing the number of unintended injuries which are also including young children. Some of the children involved are as young as four years old. Head lines on new articles are showing young children getting a hold of their parents firearms that happen to be in their reach and unaware of how dangerous the "toy" they are playing with really is they shoot and kill their playmate or family member.

  • Putting yourself at risk

    Why would you want to put yourself at risk. If you carry a concealed handgun you are likely to be injured by it. You might think that you are protecting yourself but the scary truth is that you are putting other people at risk of an injury or even death. Do want to have a death on your conscience.

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mtapia says2015-04-14T18:18:49.547
Should people that have a criminal record be allowed to carry a concealed weapon?
This on going issue has become overwhelmingly out of control. We have to worry about school shootings, random shooting in public because there are weapons in the wrong hands and they are jeopardizing us all. I do not think that concealed weapons are good for anyone. Whether you have a permit or not. Just because the government looks at your record and there is nothing on paper about that individual does not mean that it is safe for this individual to carry a weapon. There are many other things that should come into play when deciding who can and can not carry a weapon. There are many people that might have mental issues that are just not level headed enough to carry something that can take someone else's life away. I also think that when there are altercations and there are weapons involved the likely hood that these weapons will be used is so much higher. Rather then having a confrontation with no weapons. There shouldn't be this much leisure for people to be able to get weapons illegally. It's sad that we have encountered so many shootings of innocent people due to this issue. What can anybody possibly gain from shooting down innocent children. It is a tragic problem that our children should never be exposed to. I think that it is unfair to say that everyone with a criminal record should not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. Because there are a lot of people that made mistakes that were minor and shouldn't be judged for one mistake but then again there are way more people who committed horrible crimes that should never be allowed to carry a weapon. So why are we going to run the risk of allowing people that have criminal records carry weapons when the majority of them really should not be allowed to do such a thing. If guns could be eliminated all together it would not be such a bad thing. Without the source of what is causing such damage the damage will go down and we will not have to deal with worrying if someone is going to shot you if they have nothing to do such a thing with. Now i am not saying that violence will be gone all together because i believe that if someone really wants to hurt someone they will do it one way or another. But that it will definitely bring the violence down yes. We should all be concerned with the outcome that our futures may bring if we do not find a way to fix this problem. Another problem is that violence has been coming more and more normal to our kids it is everywhere in there t.v. programs, internet, and even their video games. There shouldn't be any videos online of young teens and adults hitting people at random and putting up video of it as if it were funny to do such a thing. And people condoning the behavior by watching these videos. It is ridiculous and stupid to me how many of these videos there are and how many innocent people are hurt because of others and their attempts to entertain others. They do not know how much damage they can bring to the individual being hurt. Our youth should not be wasting their time on stupidity they should be using their time on positive things that will bring positive outcomes to society.