• Yes, definitely agree

    The internet is supposed to be a world-wide source of information. That source of information should NOT be limited by anyone. Whether it be governments, schools or otherwise, the knowledge that the internet gives is crucial and easily accessible to anyone with a Wi-Fi connection. Those are things that almost everyone has and it's a lot easier than buying books or visiting a library.

  • Source that provides an absolute information.

    Any way, there should be a source for people to get the most information about any thing, and detail that they want. Internet should be that source because it is: More accessible, tangible, fast, and easier than books and other sources. People do research, they study, they need to learn, and they need to find out about many subjects. On the other hand time is very important in now a days life. A lot of people work the majority of the daytime for make ends meet, therefore, they won't have enough time to invest their extra day time for researches that they need to do. This is why, Internet should by pass all the censorship boundaries to give an absolute, and complete information about every single possible subject one may need.

  • Yes, people should

    The reason people should circumvent internet censorship is beause of the fact that internet censorship should not even exist. As human beings, I believe we have a right to most information no matter where we live and how inconvenient this information may be to some larger entities. No more censorship.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe people should circumvent Internet censorship. I do not support Internet censorship because I feel it should be a free and open forum and it shouldn't matter where in the world a person is located, they should be able to access the same information. When it does happen I think people should circumvent it as a form of protest.

  • What they want

    I think that whether or not people want to have censorship on their computer should be up to them, and that we need to have a setting that will toggle censoring sites on and off, so that they can set their computer to a way that they want it to be.

  • Respect censorship where it appears.

    People should not circumvent Internet censorship because there is not much good that can come out of doing it. A lot of the things that are censored online are done so because it can influence people to break the law or hurt others emotionally or physically. We should respect the limits of censorship when we are approached by it.

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