Should People Combat their Homosexual Side When they are Bi or Homo?

Asked by: Mattyyy
  • Yes for me.

    I'm currently combating my nature right now. You decide if I shall continue or nah? I'm terrifief of what the result will be. I'm 12 actually. I am willing to accept any help. Please answer. And please try to stay positive and a wise critic. Nonetheless, any answer will do.

  • Talk to somone

    The internet can be interesting, but it is not the place go for serious life advice. If you are dealing with unwanted desires then talk to someone you respect in real life. There are some intelligent people who post online, but for every decent poster you find you will also find someone who believes they are literally a vampire, or that the illuminate really control the world, or that Jesus was not a historical person, or some other equally silly idea. Talk to your parents. If you are religious (such as Christian), talk to your religious leader (such as your pastor). There is far too much dishonesty, fake stories, and flat-out crazy ideas online. You need real advice from a person you respect in real life.

  • Yes but not because of religion

    If you argue yes based on your religion i suppose youd think its fine as long as the Bi/Homo in question does not live in a society in which your religion is prominent. This seems terrible, and so I would like to put forth a reason independent of religion.

    When Bi/Homo's express themselves in public they are damaging the mating pool. This is because they cause already mildly feminine men to 'prove' their masculine nature (increasing male promiscuity) and mildly masculine women prove their feminine nature (increasing female promiscuity). An increase in overall promiscuity leads to a higher divorce rate. Therefore, bi's/homo's have a duty to society to hide their natures (in the same sense that would-be murderers have a duty to fight their violent tendency's for the greater good of society). The links between my points are self-revelatory if you spent a moment thinking about it.

  • Yes resist ALL evil temptations...For example ALSO resist urges to commit adultery and temptations to kill others.

    The problem seems to be that people cannot control what they desire or what they are tempted by. The natural man is an enemy to God, and has been since the fall of Adam, and will be forever, unless a person yields to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and turns away from their sins. The grace of God is needed to overcome some weaknesses. Weakness are given to people from God, that they may learn to be humble, and if a person has faith in God and in Jesus Christ and humbles themselves before Him when faced with temptations, the weak things can and will be made strong unto them...Because Jesus Christ has all the power, even power over the temptations of the flesh.

  • Be yourself hun

    Don't fall for what people have brainwashed you with. I went to gay pride this year and I don't think you should hide it. You should embrace it. Life is too short to hide who you are. Live life to it's fullest. Everyone who is right in the brain will love you no matter what and support you.

  • No, Too Early

    I understand that it is a very sensitive topic, and that it can be very confusing. If you are worried, I can tell you that at 12 years old, nobody knows what they really feel. It is very possible that your feelings will shift as you grow older, and if so, then that's ok, but if not, that's ok too. The worst thing that you could do is to force yourself to live with lying to yourself.

    The world is much more accepting now than it used to be, and just imagine how much better it will be by the time you strike out on your own. If you are worried about what people will say in the meantime, then I understand why you might want to keep your feelings to yourself, but don't necessarily combat them. They are yours to keep.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to message me.

  • Being homosexual is NOT a sin.

    Homosexuality is as normal as being straight, and homosexuals don't choose to BE homosexual, just as I don't choose to be straight. Society is disgusting if it says that people should combat who they are and itsat the same level of incompetence and idiocy as when people were afraid of blacks or didn't give women rights. How does them being bi or homosexual affect you in any way? Its ridiculous that this topic has more yes's then no's- when its a no brainer. Let people be who they want to be, Its THAT simple. If kids are taught to combat who they are, they'll grow up hating themselves.

  • Why, don't let fear stop you.

    There is no legitimate reason to do so. If your friends and family will disapprove don't let that effect the decision you make. Those are all temporary problems that should not get in the way of you being yourself and living the way you choose. Don't combat something that you don't fully understand but seek to understand it.

  • Don't be society's slave

    Nothing is worse than making a major life decision (not that sexual orientation is a decision, but lifestyle is) based on what society wants you to do. You only live once. Live life the way you truly want to live it, not how others try to dictate you to live it.

    You are only 12, so at this point it's hard to know if you are really bi or gay but it's fine to say "At this point I think I'm probably (gay/bi/straight/asexual/pansexual/...)" or even "I don't know".

    Whether to be out or not is up to you. Sometimes it is good to keep things secret just as long as you don't let society rule you in your private life. Personally I'd wait until I'm more sure of my identity and of how I'm going to respond to opposition (you will face opposition) and particular bullying before coming out.

    What will your parents think? I'd be sure of that before coming out to them. If they are against it I'd wait until they are no longer supporting you. I would wait until they have paid your way through college and only then come out to them. But that's only if you think they'd react negatively.

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