• Yes, definitely fer sher

    Gender roles are important and awesome ;) boys cant like pink because if they do therew gay. You have to act like the gender you are. Go on wikipedia and search gender roles it will tell you how awesome they are. I know im right because my name is jose and im a perple oktopus. :)

  • There is no should, only zuul

    The moment we start saying 'you SHOULD act this way' we are violating a person's rights. There is nothing wrong with falling in the zone where you adhere to gender roles. There is nothing wrong with falling outside that zone.

    Can't we all agree that, while these things exist, and many do adhere to them, that there is nothing wrong with simply living your life...? As long as you aren't violating anyone else's rights, everyone should be free to make their own decisions about how they live.

    Too much hate on both sides. People likely shouldn't tell people to adhere to stereotypes, but they also shouldn't tell people not to. You do you?

  • Wow, no, of course not?

    Gender is a construct. I mean, it means absolutely zip. Where the heck does it even come from? I get sex, that makes sense for medical reasons etc but why gender? It confuses me, I'm not sure why it would ever need to be important to anyone? It promotes the toxic ideas that people have to act a certain way,like certain things etc which is wrong.

  • We should not be judged

    No, People should be allowed to look and feel how they want,I'm a guy and have long hair and hate having hairy legs,chest,arms and so on but my mom won't let me shave because of the stupid stereotype that its manly to be hairy and I'm sick of being told to cut my long hair. Boys should be allowed to look nice and wear classy stuff and show emotions and not use violence, Girls should be allowed to be like sports or boyish stuff.. Vice versa. God gave us freedom NOT SLAVERY. Im gonna be myself because it makes me happy and if you have a problem then you can just leave my life.

  • Screw Gender Roles

    People should have the freedom to dress however they want and like whatever they want, no matter what gender they are. What harm comes from boys liking the color pink, or girls not wearing dresses and skirts? You must really be a conservative inbred to think otherwise. I do not give a fuck about what your bible says. Screw gender roles!

  • No, stereotypical gender roles are becoming less and less important

    The old fashioned gender roles where the man and the woman had pretty much assigned roles are long past. There are still some vestiges remaining, with women still being considered as weaker and in need of a man's protection, and men being regarded as stronger, wiser, and more capable of leadership roles. There will always be differences between men and women. That's just physiology. But men and women today are more free than they have ever been to cross over typical roles. Men are not afraid of showing emotions, women are leading large corporations. Men are staying home with the kids while women assume the role of bread-winner. There will always be some pieces of the previous roles evident - the physiological differences will always be there - but men and women today can be whatever they choose to be.

  • No, no one should comply with anything.

    Why anyone would feel the need to comply with any standards set by other people is a mystery to me, but certainly when it comes to the stereotypes inherent in gender roles, there needs to be no compliance. If one fits into a role, then fine, but if not, everyone should be him or herself.

  • No, they should do what they want.

    People should be free to express their gender however they want. Gender is variable and there is no reason for people to conform to traditional gender roles. Gender roles are unnecessary in the modern age of equality and they should not be enforced, and people should not be put down for mocked for not conforming.

  • No, people should not comply with stereotypical gender roles.

    Gender stereotypes should be ignored and people should dress and act as they feel, not how they think they should. Gender roles have evolved and have become accepted as being more fluid and on a continuum rather than static and binary. People should embrace being real to who they are rather than feeling the need to fit into a stereotype.

  • Make your choice.

    No, people should not comply with stereotypical gender roles, because each person should be allowed to choose what is right for them. Most women do not belong at a military academy, but some do. Most men would not want to be a stay at home parent, but some are great at it. People should be allowed to choose based on their individual skills.

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