• Yes, people should concern themselves with punctuation and spelling.

    They are important because it makes the writing piece easier for the reader to read it. If you do not add them it gives you a poor impression. I also think that it is important because you wouldn't know where the end of the sentence is in the paragraph or essay.

  • Yes, they should

    Punctuation and spelling make reading something much more enjoyable, and shows some intelligence on behalf of the person who is writing. I'm not a person who thinks it is the most important aspect of intellect like many seem to, but it is nice to see something well-written and legible. Makes it easier to read.

  • Punctuation and Spelling is correct in the right context

    Punctuation and spelling should be a concern most of the times, especially if its part of work, school, or other important functions. When used in blogs, twitter, facebook, etc,. nne should not overly concert themselves with such mundane tasks. Overall, punctuation and spelling is important to me wherever, even while writing in this spot, so I believe it should be important almost wherever writing is required.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that people should for sure make all of their spelling and other grammar correct, so that their writings look more professional, and that they come off as a smart person who knows how to use the english language the way that it is supposed to be used.

  • If they want respect.

    Yes, people should concern themselves with punctuation and spelling, because they sound uneducated if they do not use proper punctuation and spelling. Language is about communication, and a person that does not use proper punctuation and spelling communicates that they do not know how to properly use language. It is a pet peeve when people do not take the time to bother.

  • Punctuation and spelling are important.

    Punctuation and spelling are important. They make it easier for the reader to know what is being said and make things easier to read in general. Also, it makes it sound and appear more intelligent. While poor spelling or punctuation doesn't always mean the person doesn't know how, or isn't smart, it gives a poor impression.

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