Should people convicted of drunk driving lose their driving privileges forever?

  • I think that people should be band!

    If you don't agree your nuts! I mean if you have mental problem i get it but if you have had 3 warnings i think your done driving! Don't you think i mean if you don't that's fine because i no if I would drunk driving i would watch out!!!!

  • It would be hurt lots of individuals

    I don't think that every convict of drunk driving shuold lose privilege of driving for rest of the life. I simply think that its unfair. I agree that drunk driving is really risky on the roads. I mean driving is really important part for a person to get around simple things for living. I mean there are allready punishments for drunk driving, if anything we can make them little stricter.

  • Rehabilitation Should Come First

    Many drunk drivers suffer from the disease of alcoholism. Our society has yet to view this problem as health related. Treatment for addiction is the most important activity if a driver is convicted. Most drunk driving incidents cause no harm. Speeding is a minor traffic violation and kills about as many people as drunk driving. Yet we would not consider revoking driving privileges over a speeding ticket.

  • No, drunk driving offenders should be given an opportunity to rehabilitate and reeducate to improve their judgment

    Driving is an essential activity in many of our lives today, and the inability to drive would severely impact one's ability to make a life for themselves, provide for their family, or improve the world around them. While drunk driving is certainly an activity worthy of punishment, given the potential harm it can inflict on the driver and everyone around them, it should not be punished by permanent loss of privilege. Punishments should reflect the severity of the crime committed: if a drunk driver were stopped and cited, having hurt nobody and done no damage, they should receive a less severe punishment than someone who drove drunk and crashed into a building, and someone who drove drunk and crashed into a building should receive a less severe punishment than someone who drove drunk and crashed into a person. This can include probation and jail time as is reasonable, but most of the time, I feel it is more just and ethical to give someone who has done something wrong an opportunity to understand why what they did was wrong, feel the weight of the consequence, and then improve themselves to correct the flawed behavior and perhaps give back to whatever individuals or communities they may have harmed or who are deserving of recompense.

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