Should people convicted of road rage violations be required to undergo anger management?

  • Yes, But Anger Management Doesn't Always Work

    Court-ordered anger management is an awful lot like court-ordered alcohol and drug treatment. It doesn't often work, but it is a logical first step towards getting a law breaker to understand that certain behaviors are simply not acceptable. Given that our criminal justice system should necessarily start with smaller punishments and then increase punishment as a person repeats a crime, having court ordered anger management is a reasonable requirement for people who commit road rage. We just shouldn't expect miracles from it.

  • Yes, they need help.

    Yes, people convicted of road rage violations should be required to undergo anger management. Driving is dangerous enough and a person who has shown to be angry and violent time and time again should get help. They need to learn how to control their anger. I wouldn't want a love one riding next to someone with uncontrolled anger.

  • Waste of time and money.

    Unless the person in those classes truly believes he or she has a problem, and sincerely wants to change, anger management is worthless. All you've got is someone bringing down the energy of the class, biding their time until they've fulfilled their court ordered duty. Just lock the road ragers up for a few months and let Bubba The Cellmate "teach" them about improper displays of anger. That will fix them.

  • No, I don't think people convicted of road rage violations should be required to undergo anger management.

    I believe the rise in an individuals insurance rates and points on their license are enough punishment, there are many causes of road rage some justifiable and some that are not, I believe insurance companies should offer anger management courses in exchange for lower an individuals premiums on their auto insurance.

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