Should people defending our country make more money than people defending a football?

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  • God bless America and her warriors

    Yes, Soldiers should be paid more, And be more noticed than football players. Oh, It’s so hard to run a 100 yard field with a 3 pound ball. Well, Soldiers wear 80 pounds of armor alone and 120 pounds of gear and run miles into war zones with bullets firing their way. And these men and women have family, And are taken for granted everyday and put on streets. We need to fix our country

  • I believe they should be paid more but not to much

    The military should be paid more for what they do. They protect our country for us, but if tax payers paid them as much as professional sports players there wouldn't be enough money for any of them after awhile because so many people will move out of the country or just not pay. So it will just make the people that are paying, pay more than they had to in the beginning again.

  • They deserve more respect

    Because they are the ones defending the ones that play sports... Let me put it this way, if there were no soldiers defending our country, then I think that there would be no one to entertain us with their skills. They deserve more respect because they are the ones risking their lives on the battlefield and we take them for granted. And I know the Law Of Attraction and all of that, but that is just bull ****, we have the right to choose, and the soldiers don't ask for it... But they deserve more respect.

  • YES. Why not?

    I mean, I understand when we think of NFL players like superman or Batman, but the real heroes don't wear capes, they wear camo. I believe that people that defend a football should get paid less than people defending our country. They should lower NFL pay and raise military pay. I mean, if the Department of defense has to pay the NFL to get soldiers on the field for the presentation of the colors then the government has got things backwards.

  • Of course they should

    Honestly, is this really a valid question? Football players are playing a game for our entertainment while soldiers are defending our country. Soldiers are the reason why this country has the freedom that we desire. Some of them go home in a box, while football players twist their ankle and leave for the rest of the season complaining about how they cant play because their too hurt. So while they sit in their lush mansions dwelling on how they can't play, a soldier is out there risking his / her life.

  • DEFINITELY. Football is stupid.

    A footballer can earn around $250000 a week, a soldier earns around $18000 a year! A footballer gets flicked in the leg and falls over screaming, a soldier gets his arm blown off and carries on! A footballer lets us down every year, a soldier makes us proud every day!

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  • Yes they should

    I'm not saying soldiers should get paid millions. But come on. They are putting their lives on the line for what they are doing. While footballs players are getting money for their own interests. Sure, you can get injuries from football. But, what do you do. Recover and continue playing. If you get shot in the head. You can't just recover and get back to what you are doing. Because you are dead.

  • Soldiers should be millionaires not footballers

    It is ridiculous that football players such as Steven Gerrard get paid thousands of pounds a week he is on 140,000 a week and a private fighting for Britain gets 14,000 a year its unfair. Soldiers have to do their job no matter what the condition is but football players get their match called off if the pitch is wet. Also football player spend their spare time going to clubs in their new top of the class sports cars doing what they want but soldiers in Afghanistan spend their spare time training and trying to sleep in a hard bed in sweltering heat. Soldiers also spend long period of times away from friends and family and could return with mental and physical illnesses whilst footballers could maybe return from a 90 minute match with a broken leg witch they have millions to help pay for better and quicker surgery.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!🙌

    All these football players earn millions and millions of dollars just by kicking a stupid football! Yes,they get life threatening injurys as well,but when soldiers go to war they have their lives on the line. Its either live or die for some soldiers. In football they kick and fall and get up in a second or two but for soldiers they get shot and they are done. Soldiers that go to war are likely to have a chance that they are not going to get to go back home. But football soldiers get to go home when the season is over or if they get a injury.

  • We pay the nlf, the government pays soldiers

    Lets get things straifht here. Every one of you that watches the game on tv, buys franchise gear, buys tickets, or supports the nfl in some way is basically paying them. The nf is a lucrative business that is able to pay players so much because mindless consumers keep wasting their money to support them. Nfl athletes are also elite individuals who have worked just has hard, if not harder, to earn their career. On top of that, nfl players have to maintain their status and physique in order to keep their spot. Most of them went to college, so they arent dumb individuals. Im not sayin they deserve every cent they earned, but they need the money to continue to support themselves after retirement. If it werent for the pay, some members wouldnt work so hard to get to where theyre at, in turn, some going to the streets. Nobody wants that. You have to realize tha entertainmet and other forms of mass media is just a distraction from the lies the government is trying to hide from you. The soldiers and teachers on the other hand, deserve what they get. Soldiers get benefits, housing, and they get steady payment after they get out. Nfl players dont. Soldiers do defend our country, but they also receive the opportunity for a great education. If soldiers udalize this, they can make much much more money than nfl players. I dont think teachers deserve shit morw than they earn, because there are a lot of crooked, lazy, and stupid ass teachers that only became teachers because they were to scared to get a better job. In my opinion, teachers are essentially worthless in the classroom. They are biased and favor certain students over others. If they cant teach a student the first time, they deem them 'special' and send them to a different classroom to get left behind. So if you really think nfl players shouldnt get paid so much, or any sport for that matter, you better take that money you earn and: donate it to veteran programs, pay your taxes, create gift boxes for veterans, and raise awareness for left behind vets. I say screw this argument. Too many people are ignorant to the fact that the NFL is a big business supported by the same people that say the players get paid too much. So unless you are paying taxes and doing everything you can to make sure soldiers, veterans, and lazy teachers get paid more, i suggest you shut the hell up. But thats none of my business..

  • More of them

    Soldiers need more money like one hundred thousand united states dollars a year but athletes skills are rarer and there are fewer of them so countries will not go broke trying to pay them for every peyton manning aaron rodgers tom brady or eli manning there are thousands of soldiers

  • People defending our countries (I'm British, but that goes for the U.S and all our allies), deserve better wages.... However

    Sports stars such as in soccer, Beckham, Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, Rooney and so on (I use the example of soccer as the money is even MORE obscene), aren't just being paid to do their job, their advantage is in the fact they just through their very image, fame, and brand they represent, generate absolutely obscene amounts of money from soccer fans all around the world, who view these people as near god like figures who pretty much every kid growing up, in a soccer loving country idolises and wants to be like one day. And Soccer being such a large globalize sport, sponsors throw millions at the most successful clubs, who require the best players to maintain the success they do, who naturally are willing to pay extremely handsome wages in order to retain their key assets. I'd also always support our troops having their pay increase, but you can't hate on celebrity athletes when you're talking completely different realities. They deserve the money they earn, for the simple fact people value them such highly as assets and are willing to pay them the wages they do in exchange for their services. If soldiers were paid more money then celebrity athletes, there wouldn't be a cent of military budget left :(

  • Doesnt work that way

    Yes, its scary and wrong that a bunch of random guys are making more money throwing and kicking a ball than someone fighting fore our country. Though the principle of "give more money to X" isnt that simple, the NFL is a private league and company ran by billionaires and investors, because of this the outcome of how much a player makes depends upon the supply and demand of the fans, who purchase and pour money in the league via the investors.

    The army is not a privte business, for its a government own facility, and because there isnt a demand/market for it like there is for the NFL, the soldiers only get what they get based on how much they get from a small percentage of tax dollars, that may seem demented, but thats how it is, and there nothing we can do about it.

  • Question of public versus private

    Professional sports salaries (as offensive as they may be) are set by the forces of supply and demand. A player enters into a contract with a team and in exchange for services he is offered a salary. These salaries are supported by fans willing to part with, often, hundreds of dollars to watch said people "defending a football".

    People defending our country (I assume that you are referring to members of the armed forces) are not bound by the same forces. Supply and demand do not function in the same way in the public sector (primarily due to lack of competition). In fact, if an individual soldier's salary was $1 million per year, the public would be outraged...After all, they would be the ones paying that salary.

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