Should people diagnosed with bipolar disorder be required to take medication?

  • Yes, if it is severe.

    Those with bipolar disorder if they do not take at least a small dose of medication each day become unproductive and sometimes even dangerous to themselves and the people around them. So someone like this needs to be court ordered to take the meds that will make them at least functional.

  • That's why it's a disorder

    People with mental disorders and disabilities aren't any different from us, but to properly function in society, they are going to need medication to keep this disability under control. Bipolar disorder is not dangerous and people who have been diagnosed as such should not be marginalized, but supported and accepted.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe people diagnosed with bipolar disorder should be required to take medication. I believe people should always have the right to make decisions about what they put in their own body. People with this disorder have often complained about the side effects of medication and the medication doesn't always help the symptoms.

  • Not in most instances.

    The only time a person with a mental disorder should be required to have any medical intervention is if they have been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility for being a danger to themselves or others.

    Not all people with the disorder are violent or impaired to as significant a degree as others. If the person is capable of functioning, they should not be required to put anything in their bodies they don't want to have put in their bodies.

    If a person is attempting to harm themselves or other people, however, involuntary treatment including medication is certainly viable and understandable.

  • Let them have sunshine.

    People diagnosed with bipolar disorder should not be required to take medication. They should be required to get sunshine every day. It has been established that Vitamin D3 derived from the sun aids in keeping people mentally stable. In a society that is full of mostly indoor jobs, it is no surprise people have more mental illness.

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