• I have down sindrom

    I was born with this ilness and now i have celulitis and my aunt have cancer mamario and i will suck all mini delle s blood an also his cock and caca liquida and my grandmother is very very leprosa and if you wan to donate i will be very proud of you tnaks

  • Yes ,of course

    We believe that donating blood should be compulsory for adults once a year, why? Because the most important and the most valuable is that without a doubt, donating blood saves lives . According to the red cross data, with a single donating, three people benefit from it. This is the greatest benefit we can get

  • What if you were them?

    Donating blood shouldn't be a debate because its is so esencial and need universally. Imagine if you were someone that needed blood wouldn't you be waiting for somebody to do it. Just by donating one pint of blood you can save someone's life, someone's future..... Just let that sink in.

  • Good Idea- N'est pas?

    If you don't donate blood you could wind up with innocent human blood on your hands because in the event of a sudden big tragedy such as the September 11 attacks so many people would need transfusions to survive that the blood supply might bleed dry due to y our refusal to donate.

  • Let the blood flow

    The donation of blood can save lives. It is perfectly safe. Your blood can save a life f someone. Is this incentive enough? Knowing that your blood will save a person that you don't know. If you don't think that this a good thing then I don't know what to think of you. For the 25% who say no please change your minds and reconsider.

  • Yes, people should donate blood.

    Blood donations are extremely important for medical reasons. When people become injured, they often will need additional blood. The body can not always produce enough blood when so much has been lost from the body. This is why blood donations are absolutely necessary and we need to promote more people to donate.

  • Blood donations save lives

    If you donate some of your blood then you might have just saved some little child's life. Wouldn't you feel happy if you did that. When i turn 16 i'm going to donate as much blood as possible to save people i don't even know lives. So why don't you go donate and save a life

  • Yes, people should donate blood.

    Yes, I believe that people should donate blood. Although donating something important like an entire organ is worth giving some serious thought, donating blood is something that everybody should do, as long as their body can handle it. For the most part, when donating blood, nurses usually watch over you after they have drawn the blood, so that you don't faint and make sure your blood sugar levels aren't too low. Once they know you are fine, healthwise, you are finished. It is that simple to donate blood, and unless you have a serious medical illness that prevents you from donating, you should definitely give your share.

  • Yes, people should donate blood

    Yes, people should donate blood for the sake of those who are in danger of dying from lack of blood. One argument that supports blood donation is think about what may happen to you if you do not have enough blood. How would you feel if you can get saved if people donate blood but there isn't enough blood, so here you go.

  • Yes. We lose nothing except some time.

    When we donate blood, it costs us nothing except the hour or so that we spend at the donation center. It is a small gift to give in order to assist with medical research, disaster response, and day to day functioning of hospitals. As long as you are cleared by medical staff to safely donate, there is no reason not to do so.

  • Anti blood donations

    The person might be diabetic. It can't be removed. Blood donations can cause high pressure on or after the donation. This can cause fainting, death, and also a severe sickness to the person who is donating some blood. Can also cause the death of two people which is a big risk.

  • Dont donate blood

    People should not donate blood because some of them might have a sickness that the sickness tracking machine cant see or track. It might also be the cause for the other person's death if a sick person will donate blood. Thank you very much for reading my blog about blood donations.

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