• Better for society

    Our society would improve and the way we treated each other would improve because we would have more respect for each other. It would show each other that we care about appearance. In addition, It would improve adults work ethic as well as kids in school- it's been shown to help them pay attention. Yes, I think that kids should dress up as well as it helps them in school and would get them ready for adulthood. I think we should dress up in private too because we do work in the house too and would be respectful to our spouses.

  • Say Yes to the dress.

    I am tired of people wearing pajamas in public. I have hangers of cocktail dresses, I never wear. I even feel weird putting on heels. (Like click click, here she comes, everybody turns to look) I get society has relaxed it's formal style, but I hate slippers outside and then the public bathroom! #$@? Do people wear those slippers around their house? I understand comfort is cool, so elastic bands FINE, but they should work by keeping your pants up.

  • Yes of course they should

    Lets say this, every guy isn't slouching, wearing a full 3 piece suit, clean cut, well groomed and does hard work each day and is an overall respectable person. Even the teenagers tuck in their shirts or wear ties. Now would you rather see that? Or would you rather see this:
    guys with pants falling down, long hair, ripped t shirts, shoes with like 50 different colors just terrible which one would you rather see? I think we can all agree that the first one is better

  • Outfit is a sign of individuality

    If you want everyone, especially men to dress up just to look good, then you are taking away their individuality and therefore they can be who they are. I am sick and tired of men dressed in business suits and ties all the time and every guy looks the same no matter what. It's like a clown fest. Get rid of the homophobia and let people, especially men, wear what the heck ever they want and yes that includes men wearing leggings to work.

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