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  • LOL what kind of question is that

    Alcohol and smoking itself are extremely detrimental to one's health. Together, These do not make a very good combination. I mean you are free to try it if you want to suffer severe health issues or if you have invincible body systems. I mean if you are having that much stress in your life, You should just seek out a friend or psychiatrist.

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anaalgarweb says2019-06-18T10:07:01.030
It is dangerous if you smoke traditional cigarettes, Because they are very bad for your health. But you can change to electronic cigarettes which use special liquids from brands like <a href="https://h2osmoke. Es/9-e-liquidos-para-vapear-con-cigarrillos-electronicos">hangsen</a> and they are healthier than the traditional alternative. You don't have to taste tobacco, Because they have more than 50 different flavours and they are really cheap. I think this is the best alternative, And the cheaper one.

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