• Demand will lower price.

    I know too well the cost of many organic products, but as demand grows, so too will the price drop. Most food fifty years ago WAS organic, without it being labeled such. Secondly it is negligible compared to the cost of medicine later on for a disease that could have been prevented by eating uncontaminated food.

  • Yes, they are the answer to sustainability and health.

    Factory farming takes us too far away from regular, small-scale agriculture that is local and uses less chemicals. These days, unless you buy organic, your chicken and beef are full of antibiotics and your vegetables and fruits are coated in pesticides. The solution is to buy organic food or even grow some of your own. While this is admittedly more expensive, it is far cheaper than paying medical bills later on. While anyone can get sick, the reality is that people with better diets get cancer and other diseases far less often. In short, organic food is better for the environment, animals, and humans.

  • Overall Health is Important

    A recent study showed that organic foods don't offer any additional benefits to humans, nutritionally speaking. However, organically raised produce and livestock is a better choice as environmental factors like pesticides and growth hormones are out of the equation. There have been few, if any, studies done on the effects of a lifetime of ingesting pesticides used on commercially-grown foods. Embracing organic food is one way to study people's health for decades without ingesting industrial chemicals used to kill things.

  • Yes. People should embrace organic food.

    Organic foods have been scientifically proven to contain more nutrients and less preservatives than regular foods. Many people have food allergies due to ingredients and pesticides in non-organically grown foods. Eating a diet containing organic foods could minimized the negative effects cause from conventionally grown foods. There should be more information regarding the benefits of eating organic foods available to the public.

  • No, they shouldn't embrace it.

    Organic foods are undeniably good for your health, but to people who don't have the means to buy them over processed foods, they are unrealistic. Because of they way they are grown, the prices for them are too high. I think eating daily vitamins and minerals would be a good substitute.

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