Should people ever have to choose between involving themselves in evil or going to prison?

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  • Say NO to a draft; Don't make people choose between their values and their freedom

    A military draft effectively means that if the war is an unnecessary war of aggression, if the war is for imperialist ambitions then people who are aware of this are forced to choose between their values and their freedom. They are forced to either knowingly involve themselves in evil or go to prison.

    When there are discussions of implementing a draft this is rarely ever mentioned. Sometimes people naively voice the expectation that a draft would prevent the United States from fighting in unnecessary wars. We had a draft during Korea and Vietnam it didn't stop either of those wars and rich and connected people's sons got to serve in champagne units which never saw the front lines.

    That wouldn't work, and regardless it's not worth forcing people to choose between their values and their freedom.

  • You should not have to but it happens

    My son had to step in and grab a fence slat and start hitting a guy with it to knock a two by four out of the guys hand. This guy was beating his friends head in with the two by four and about to kill him. His friend ended up with 12 staples in his head but could have been dead if my son didn't grab the fence slat. He hit the guy in the hand 3 times till he dropped the 2x4. My son ended up with a felony and jail time because he used a "weapon" it was aggravated assault. He shouldn't have had to choose between saving a guys life and going to jail. There's something seriously messed up with our system.

  • Evil or Prison:You Should Not Have to Choose

    This looks to me like a lose/lose situation any way you look at it. I can't think of anyone who would choose going to prison but involving themselves in evil, while a horrific choice, could be done with good intentions which got out of hand, or occurred to help someone else. I think most people are basically good and do their best.

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