Should people generally commit more time to education: Should we spend more time in education?

  • Yes, education should have higher priority

    In this country, we have one party that hates education and would eliminate it altogether if they could, and another that thinks education is important but has no idea how to properly implement it. Maybe it's time to ask the teachers why things aren't working and how it can be fixed? You know, the people that are in the middle of it every day and have the best idea of how to do it?

  • Education is necessary if we are to improve society as a whole.

    Those who have completed a college education are more liable to be valuable and productive members of society. Developing views and opinions based on a wide swath of subjects and learning about information outside our singular worldview makes room for a greater understanding of ourselves and our environments as wholes. By taking focus away from education, we are falling behind in achieving our greatest potential as a society.

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