• Yes, it is a waste of money not to

    College is way to expensive now to go for any other reason but to get a higher paying job. There are many majors that lead to unemployment or a lower paying field than can be entered with just a diploma. Although, most people aren't smart enough to do engineering, so it's not even an option for most people.

  • Yes, people should get practical degrees.

    I think that people should get a college education in a practical field. I think that people who do not get degrees in practical fields are taking the risks that their time and effort and money will go to waste. I think that if people want to increase the chance that they get a job after college, they need to get a practical degree.

  • Who would work at starbucks then?

    If we pushed everyone to get a college education in a practical field, we would have a dramatic shortage of pretentious barristas. Those with impractical college degree staff our service industry and give those with practical training a blond and dreadlocked reminder of why they should learn a useful skill in life.

  • Educate yourself in what you like.

    I think people should educate themselves in what they like to do, because if they are smart enough they will be able to find a job within that field. If someone majors in art they could become a graphic designer and help out a TV show or something, so all degrees could be worthwhile.

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