• I say yes

    We are animals as well. What do you think we are? We are the same animals like the animals we keep in our house. It is the same as us killing our own breed. Whoever thinks that I am wrong click the dislike button, If you think I'm right click the like button.

  • Heck, Yes, They Should!

    They should obviously be arrested. They have lives too! They are humans just like you and me. Imagine someone coming in and out of nowhere start abusing! This is just a very, very major disappointment in our humanity. If you abuse animals, please for the life of an animal, stop.

  • They are living creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Animals shouldn't have to survive on their own in the wild all by themselves. They deserve love and care not hatefulness. If that person doesn't want that pet then they should just sell the dog or animal. WHOEVER SAID NO YOU ARE GOING TO HELL WITH THE FREAKING DEVIL. They are just living animals that need our love so they can survive.

  • People should be arrested for animal abuse.

    According to procon.Org, "According to Humane Society International, animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to force feeding, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation, prolonged periods of physical restraint, the infliction of burns and other wounds to study the healing process, the infliction of pain to study its effects and remedies, and "killing by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck-breaking, decapitation, or other means." [47] The Draize eye test, used by cosmetics companies to evaluate irritation caused by shampoos and other products, involves rabbits being incapacitated in stocks with their eyelids held open by clips, sometimes for multiple days, so they cannot blink away the products being tested. " This is my reason why animal abuse is bad so they should be arrested.

  • Cuz they are messed up

    THey cannot go gourge out or torture animals and not get punished i think it should work the same way if a human kills a human a dog getting killed by a human they should get 50 years in prison minimum or torture that they did to the dog. My statement

  • People should be arrested for hurting animals!

    Animals that are pets; If you get a pet, dog, cat, or bird, don't abuse it! Care for it nicely! If you adopted the pet, to love and care, then why would you go and hurt it?
    Wild animals; Okay, so I understand that you want that new fancy leopard jacket, but those animals, were made to live, not because of some stupid jacket, that you could just make out of cloth!
    Conclusion; I don't understand why people kill animals? They aren't bothering you, they aren't hurting you, so, why hurt them?!?!?! Don't you have a heart? These animals do. They have a soul, and they have, ME! I will not stop fighting, until all animals are safe. This is why Panda bears are endangered! You cruel selfless people.

  • It's Very wrong!

    1.People shouldn't just go around an kill or hurt animals. I mean it's not right! Some animals if help us so killing those animals would probably mean losing more of us. I know someone who killed their neighbors cat too and that's wrong because he didnt have permission and they killed an innocent animal and now the owner has to get a new animal because of that stupid person!

  • Hell Yes They Should!

    For any person out there who thinks animal abuse is ok or justifiable because the animal is considered "property," your logic (or obvious lack of) is whacked. The laws are not stiff enough for these worthless sacks of crap, and they should be tortured the same way that they inflicted the harm on the poor defenseless animal. Those that abuse animals are just demented freaks, and really don't deserve to live.

  • Of course, YES !

    I think that people should be arrested for animal abuse because if this person would be an animal,he wouldn't like it. It is the same as to hit a cat with slipper as to hit a person with an iron!
    Human law need to take responsibility for human acts, against human AND animals...

  • Why even have your animals?

    If you don't like animals, ok, fine. Then don't adopt any! If you don't like animals, you don't need to adopt any just so you can beat them! Every animal deserves a loving home and family. None of them deserve to get hurt. Even if they're pitbulls, people are afraid of them because of what they're capable of. That doesn't mean they actually do it! They do what they're taught to do and if you are mean to them they think that violence is good so they relay it back to you. If you can't deal with it happening to you, then don't dish it out. It hurts just as bad.

  • Immoral and Unjust Treatment upon the Accused!!

    Why should humans be arrested?? It makes no sense. This is preposterous and such as Animal Extremist Groups as "PETA". It's immoral and wrong for a human being to be charged with heinous torture for just an animal. As long as an animal is in full sovereignty of the owner, then the owner could do what-ever they wished. The accused is charged with suffering from family members and being injured by the Animal Extremist. It's like making one suffer for the sake of rescuing an animal. Unaccpetable

  • Jail Time? No!

    Being arrested for animal abuse? I'm just so disappointed with today's society. Animal cruelty is absolutely terrible and the individual that partakes in such actions should be punished, but not incarcerated. All through-out the world animals are being slaughter for multiple reason food, products, etc. Ask yourself this, why are we not holding the same punishment for individuals or companies that kill animals every day to a regular household pet being abused or killed? All because people develop feelings for pets doesn't mean they have rights. Household pets are considered property, in what world do you get charged/arrested for destroying(Killing) or abusing your property?.
    I recently saw on the news that a person was arrested for animal cruelty. The person killed their own dog, reason being the dog attacked a very young child. Till this day I'm baffled on why the individual was charged. It has reached the point where people cannot defend themselves against animals without being charged with animal cruelty. If we kill another human being in self-defense there is no punishment, but if we put down(Kill) vicious pet for attacking a defenseless child, we would still be charged.
    In conclusion I believe being arrested for animal abuse is absurd, household pets are considered property and have no rights. Please do not let your emotions get the best of you. A fine would be more suitable for animal abuse....

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