Should people get bailed out of jail instead of serving the time they owe?

  • Brainwashed and Broken

    This is another epidemic of brainwashed society. As prisons are built by private corporations and local law enforcement starts trumping up felonies to fill the jails and let's not even begin to talk about our federal rights being squashed and bail being set at enormous amount AND people being forced to use a bondsman. The criminals are in control people. And even they think they are the "good guys" all while their greed crushes the people and the people allow it due to ignorance....

  • People shouldn't be allowed to be bailed out of jail

    People go to jail for punishment....
    I do not think that people should / could be bailed out.
    It is not fair to society.
    If they are going to be bailed out anyway, why do the officials put them in jail in the first place??
    It just doesn't make sense.

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