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  • Noise is Annoying

    I am sick and tired of being awakened in the middle of the night by loud thumping bass music. Don't you know how to use the volume button? It is incredibly unneighborly to keep blasting this noise when the cops have warned you several times to turn it down. Put on headphones and keep your noise to yourself.

  • Noise is Disruptive

    If I want to hear music I'll turn on my own. I don't need to hear your booming bass music in the middle of the night. Turn it down or wear headphones! Who can sleep with all that offensive racket? Why play it so inhumanely loud? Do they want to go deaf?

  • If it occurs multiple times, yes.

    There are simply rude pricks who don't care about anybody but themselves, and think they have every right to go to an apartment complex and BLAST SUPER LOUD MUSIC at 1AM when people are trying to rest for work. These people should be warned once, then fined afterwards if they repeat.

  • Yes because it's rude as hell

    Most decent working people do not want to hear your crap music blasting while they are trying to sleep or relax after a long day at the office. If you want to be a rude ahole get a job and move to the country so your rude ass won't bother anyone.

  • Yes if it annoys others

    If the music is very loud and there are complaints from the neighbors, then yes, the offenders should be fined. Everyone has the right to enjoy a quiet evening in their home. One person with blasting music can ruin this quiet evening for a whole neighborhood. People should be able to do something about it. Paying a fine will most likely stop such behavior in the future.

  • Yes People Should Be Fined

    People should be fined for loud music if someone complains. People have a right to quietness and relaxation in their home. If someone else's music is so loud that it is interfering with people's rights then they have the right to complain and get the person to be fined in certain situations.

  • Warned not fined

    Just as much as people deserve to enjoy themselves with quietness, others like to enjoy themselves with music. What is relaxing to one person might not be for another. If you are living in a city or town rather than in the country you should expect there will be noises sometimes that you do not like. If it has to do with a neighbour I am sure if you ask nicely most of the time they will turn it down, if you are rude obviously there may be an issue, and that's where police come in. Police are there to warn you about your behaviours before it becomes a repeated issue over small things. If you repeatly don't even ask your neighbour and just call, or are rude to your neighbour and then call you are part of your own problem, not part of your solution. It's not like your neighbour who likes music is killing people next door, be considerate and you will be considered.

  • It IS Stupid

    We shouldn't get fined because sometimes we get carried away and don't realize its that loud we should just get warned about it being loud because its just stupid to fine us They should let us play are music and then if it gets out of hand and we keep playing it loud after like 5 days in a row and we keep doing it then we can get fined but other then that we shouldn't.

  • No, we shouldn't

    Because what happens if ur jam comes on in the car and what about ur birthday ur parents will put the freaking volume on blast and next door can call the cops but u got a warrant next door cant do anything about it . So no popo niggas partying all night so u will be good

  • No, because people

    Can do what they want and if they feel like murdering their ears then let them. Plus if they feel like they want to disturb other people and be extremely annoying they should be aloud too. Unless people complain but if people like to kill their ears....... Well..... Go ahead

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