• Definitely get it

    Diseases can be, and have been, eradicated through vaccinations. The more people who are vaccinated the more difficult it is for diseases to spread. It's much better to acquire immunity through a safe and effective vaccine than it is to risk infection from a disease which can kill you. Just because the disease is 'natural' does not mean it is good for you or that the immunity you acquire, if you don't die, will be better than that of the vaccine - it wont. There is no government conspiracy trying to depopulate the world with vaccines. People need to stop being paranoid and trust medical science because the evidence is there to support it. Vaccines work, they are safe and they don't cause autism. Don't be a conspiracy theorist, just look at the evidence. No matter how healthy you may feel, we are not immortal. Vaccinate yourself.

  • Yes, because flu shots save lives.

    Many people died this year from the flu, but many lives were saved because of those of us who chose to get ourselves vaccinated. It is always better to get vaccinated than to risk the health of those around you including your loved ones who may be very old or too young to fight off the illness. Think about how many lives you can save by protecting yourself with the flu vaccine.

  • Yes They Should

    All people should get flu shots. It makes them less likely to catch the flu, which in turn help them and everyone else as well. Not getting a flu shot is stupid and selfish if you ask me. It takes only a few minutes and ensures that you will not catch anything.

  • Young people are becoming too dependent on meds.

    Young people in particular just go to the doctor on a regular basis and get medications for things
    that they could beat utilizing their own bodies defense system but instead they need a quick fix.
    Most of the time I see people at work getting more sick from the flu shot than those that don't have it.

  • Liberty and Immunity.

    The flu shot does not guarantee you won't get sick. If you don't exercise regularly, eat poorly, lack proper sleep or have a substance abuse problem, it's likely your immune system won't get the benefits of a flu shot you hoped. Our ability to fight off viral infections is all about a strong immune system. Vaccines, not just the flu kind, are never a guarantee, and in many ways, we can reduce our chance of infection almost as much by eating well, exercising regularly, keeping our weight under control, avoiding too much stress, getting plenty of sleep - essentially, being fit and keeping our immune system strong! Living in a free country means I can choose to be fat, a heavy drinker and lazy, take the flu shot and still get sick, and I'm not breaking any laws. I just live with the consequences. And, I am also free to say no thanks to the flu vaccine, take really good care of myself, wash my hands when appropriate, and quite probably avoid getting sick! We should be free to choose.

  • Does this mean I am being told our species will not survive without it?

    I have never gotten it and never will, I know this , and I have had the flu and survived it many times..
    And we are convinced we actually need chemicals injected into us to live? This is crazy, or maybe just not get sick, and for those who think its bad, hope that the law will not make everyone have to do it. And they are doing it. But not with flu vaccines.

  • No, they aren't healthy.

    They are bad for you--they contain mercury, and can cause multiple different diseases. Plus, they only are effective 62% of the time. They also are making your immune system weaker. What happens when a really bad strain of influenza mutates? Your body won't be prepared, because you have always just kept your body healthy with shots.

  • I have never had a flu shot and I have never had the flu.

    Recent research has shown that flu shots lead to the development of Alzheimer's and memory loss in adults. Humans need to develop some level of immunity ourselves or else the flu will develop into a super flu which is resistant to all types of medication. We can't let this happen.

  • Doctors are realizing that the flu shots are not preventing the common flu!

    The flu shot only prevents flu type B. The common cold is flu type A and B. By receiving the flu shot a person is not preventing themselves from getting the flu, instead allowing the body to be immune to the weak form and vulnerable to the most popular form.

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