Should people get in trouble when they bully others?

  • Not punished! Expelled!

    Why why why! Not punished not suspended! Expelled! Hahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a

  • Lots of kids will say yes in this topic since they might be bullied

    The first person on the no side is probably saying that that bullies should keep on bullying.This is a dumb question(no offence),most of everybody will probably say yes and the rest are bullies making LIES ,LIES LIES LIES,IM SICK OF BULLIES THEY HAVE NO REASONS FOR BULLYING.I wish every bully could just stop bullying.

  • Yes, it is detrimental to society.

    Yes, people should get in trouble when they bully others, because bullying hurts everyone. Bullying makes people not want to go to school or work. Bullying makes people uncomfortable. Bullying is already illegal in that we have laws preventing harassment and assault and battery. These laws should be enforced to make our society nicer and safer.

  • Social, not Criminal Consequences

    People should always be responsible for the social consequences of their actions. If people have bullied a classmate, they should be outed as a bully and forced to deal with the social reprocussions of their choices. But unless the acts arise to violence there should not be any criminal punishment.

  • But what is bullying?

    Everyone has been bullied and has bullied someone else. Bullying is an aspect of life and it makes kids prepared for the real world. There is also bullying in the real world. You can't arrest someone for what they say everyone has freedom of speech so over all I think its unright to has criminal punishments.

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