• How do we know what to believe?

    Developments in science and medicine are frequently the subject of news headlines and public discussion. With increasing amounts of scientific information being put into the public domain, and a growing number of organisations involved in promoting and discussing scientific research, it can be difficult to judge which research claims should be taken seriously. Which are ‘scares’? Sometimes scientists are reported as saying conflicting things.
    There is a system called peer review that is used by scientists to decide which research results should be published in a scientific journal. The peer review process subjects scientific research papers to independent scrutiny by other qualified scientific experts (peers) before they are made public. More than one million scientific research papers are published in scientific journals worldwide every year. Despite its extensive use and recognition among scientists in assessing the plausibility of research claims, in the rest of society very little is known about the existence of the peer-review process or what it involves.
    Even still, it is an assurance that the research and data presented to the public for review is plausible and not faked. Any kind of research has the potential of being skewed to a particular bent, that too, is why it is necessary to obtain research info from peer reviewed sources and not corporate think tanks that are PAID to get a certain results.

  • Well why not?

    When you are in the work force, you are expected and needed to produce. That doesn't mean you treat your employees like garbage, but it does mean that if they are doing something unsafe or not right, you show them a better way. You don't scream and yell, because we all know an unhappy employee doesn't produce much. You take them aside and say in the best way possible of how to do it better the next time.

  • It Reveals a Lot

    You can learn a lot about a person from their occupation - their strengths, weaknesses, motives, passions, and many other things about their personality. Their lack off occupation also speaks volumes for them as well, and not in the good way. While you should never judge a book by its cover, you can at least read the blurb.

  • It shows their past

    It shows how they used their past to miss out on the future for ex sample there are 2 people their is a docter and a teacher a docter got in 90 as a teacher. Got 70 to 80 it shows that the docte'r studdyed more then the teacher while the teacher could have archived more so yes people should be judged

  • Aren't we trying to produce judgement free world?

    Doesn't everyone say to stop judging people from their looks and first impressions? Why should we start judging from their stance job? It is immoral and same like saying 'She works as a waitress, I guess she has nothing else to do but obey everyone.' But she could be a single mother with a lot of children to feed. She works as a waitress to get more tips, but you don't know that because you judge her from her job? I stand on the fact that it is illogical.

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