• Yes In Deed

    If you are human you are going to need at the very least 10^1000000000000000 chances to begin to get the idea of what someone wants. So two chances would be very limiting. And then, after 10^1000000000000000 chances or so, you're about a full 1/2 % of the way there! So yes, 2 chances should be offered.

  • Yes they should get second chances.

    Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect, even if you want to be. People learn from their mistakes easily, but sometimes you will need help to learn from them. On the bright side, you should forgive the people who made mistakes and let them make it right. And no, the "three strikes and you're out" is a negative quote.

  • Yes they do

    As long as they are willing to prove to you, they know what they did was wrong, they assure you it will never happen again, and they demonstrate it then yes. Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves but mess up the second chance and you're done forever no 3rd chances.

  • Absolutely- yes, yes, yes

    Everyone makes mistakes in this world, and most of us regret it after we do it- it could be mere minutes, days, months, or even years. Nonetheless, it is important that we strive to compensate for what we did, in small, inexplicable ways. People who do that certainly deserve a second chance. The transgression can be as trivial as shoplifting and can go up the road to rape and murder, but as long as we are sorry for what we do, and make a promise to God that we won't do so again, we all deserve a second chance to make up, to apologize and to do whatever we can to make the world a better place.

  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! They can

    People make mistake, that dose not mean they are bad people. No one is perfect. And after given a second change people grow into a person that they really want to be."forget" their sins, "remembering them no more". Is said in the bible. Learn to Forgive and learn to forget.

  • Yesssss ssss ssssss

    We all make mistakes and we all learn from our mistakes come on no one is perfect, sometimes based on circumstances we make some poor decisions but that doesn't mean that we should not be forgiven. Most of the time people learn from their previous mistakes and don't make the same mistake again.

  • People sometimes make decisions.

    People sometimes make poor choices based on circumstances or stress. Since it is impossible to know exactly what someone else is thinking when they make poor choices, it is generous and kind to keep an open mind. Often a second chance is a magnanimous gesture that is a wise and mature choice.

  • Yes they should

    Of course people need a second chance because normal people do mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and give the opportunity for a second chance to learn from their mistakes. As well as never repeat the mistake again. EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE. 😃

  • Yes,, Yes, Yes

    Everyone deserves a Second chance. There is no one in this world that is Perfect. Asking for a chance should be a YES in every aspect of life, especially in the work world. If someone is willing to ask and explain, they certainly seem to be real and should be positively enforced. We all should be people of giving second chances.

  • Yes, they should.

    People should get second chances. It is possible to learn from your mistake and grow as a person and as a individual. We are not perfect, no one is, we all make a mistake and move on. People need second chances to continue to prove they can grow and change.

  • No Second Chances

    People might commit the same crime again with a second chance or do something worse. Second chances make people not learn from what they did wrong and if they don't know what they did wrong the might accidentally do it again. Second chances might or might not be good but I know that they won't help you improve.

  • No I do not agree

    It's obv as they are mean and they are mean and they do not deserve second chances as they are bad bad bad bad bad bad bad news is I am looking forward for the first one of my favorite color and the rest is the same time. To be able and

  • In my current situation, i can say no

    There is time where my bf already know what he is doing wrong he kept on using his ego and pride and making reasons that are pointless. If ur bf loves u and afraid of hurting u and just make u happy the way u want, hell never gonna do things that would make u hurt repeatedly, instead he will adjust. Second chances are only for people who r worth forgiving for. But if ur heart had changed, break off

  • No, because ppl will not give a second chance

    I know, I will use quite a hardcore argument,
    But, how many here, would really give a child predictor a second chance, a job as a kindergarten, babysitter?
    No matter if hrr says hrr is redeemed, "seen the light" etc etc

    Then again, when talking about "second chances" we are talking about the serous stuff. Not like a car thief after serving hrr sentience.

    I believe that we, mankind have reached a point where sever errs is made, it cant be redeemed. There is just too many humans. Too often big crimes occur. The prisons in some countries are overcapacity.

    I am genuine surprised that 70% believe in second chances...

  • It depends on many factors.

    Some crimes are so bad that you can't RISK a second chance. Legitimately bad people to exist in this world and even if they do change, sometimes you just have to leave them behind. It is up to the offender to own up and apologise and show they regret their mistake before you should even CONSIDER giving them a second chance. If they show no signs if changing, it is safest and more efficient to leave them be and move on. In some workplaces, employees are required to live up to certain standards, no exceptions and this is often for the good of the company. If someone screws up and puts important things at risk, it might be necessary to fire them. They signed up for the job, they knew what they were in for. Often it is too risky and you shouldn't always go out of your way just for one person. It is their responsibility to move on from there. That is simply how things work.

  • No. Only One.

    If you are a smart person, you wont allow it, simply because you wont allow ROOM for another mistake to derail you from your OWN path. Until people prove they are worth your time, you should focus on your own growth and the well being of yourself and your family.

  • It depends! It really does!

    No, I would NOT go back to an ex. You two broke up for a reason (and hopefully that was for a good reason!). Why go back to the same problem and situation again? Especially if it wasn't fixed or solved the first time?! Yeah... That makes sense, right?! ..

  • Depends on the crime

    Would you let a child rapist, child molester, murderer, or deranged psycho back on the streets after getting caught? Yes they will do time, and yes they might go to a correctional facility. However, who says they will actually change? This is my stance on this topic and I hope this opened your eyes.

  • Not everyone deserves a second chance

    If you are a parent and you get a call that your child has been murdered to believe that the person who did that deserves a second chance. Do you believe a pedophile or rapist deserves a second chance to go and do it again and ruin a poor little girl or boys life. If you are a man and have a girlfriend or wife or maybe another male friend or partner do you think that someone who rapes, sexually assaults or abuses them deserves a second chance to do this again to another one of your friends or partners? Tell me would you let a dirty pedophile, rapist or sexual assaulter near your family? There is no excuse for hurting a human being or taking ones life adults are supposed to know what they are doing they should never ever hurt another adult or child

  • No, Not everyone.

    To me it's simple enough: Will the person that they have wronged have a second chance? Will a rape victim get a second chance at enjoying a healthy, fulfilling sexual relationship? Will a murder victim get a second chance at life? Will their families get a second chance at living happy, well adjusted lives? Will someone that was abused and betrayed get a second chance at trusting people? You get my idea.

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