• Some might say no

    Its better to give to shelters, ect. But i think you should still give people on the street money. Some people think your shouldnt because they might buy drugs with it, but I wouldnt want to risk thrm not being able to buy foos or something if theyre not an addict, which is likley. Plus you can often tell if they might buy drugs or not. I think you shouldnt assume and its ok to give them something, but its especially acceptable if its a parent and baby or something.

  • Yes we should... If we can

    Yes charities but give but not enough to support them long term. Food is often given out at a limit and not all agencies are helpful... If you dont wish to give money give food vouchers or food from a store in a bag... Whatever but do not be like the arrogant who choose to turn a blind eye...Give to the needy and help those who need it.... Just do it dont question it...

  • I agree to give money to the beggars because they also want to live.

    When u see the beggars never blame that they are lying or they need money to buy drugs. Please being positive thinking. What i read above i also agree that people can give clothes or food or primary needs to beggars, but how if u walk and see a beggar suddenly and only wallet with you?

  • Might Be In Need

    They could be in need of food and other stuff and that might just be what they need to get by. If people have the guts to go out and bag for money I think they would be in need of it. Now it is your choice weather you want to help them people. Deuteronomy 16:17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which he has given you.

  • Yes. People Should Donate To The Homeless.

    Homeless people lead very difficult lives. Over 5,000 people under the age of 18 die every year due to a variety of reasons during homelessness. Homelessness is a serious issue worldwide. Giving a little change in our pocket is the least we can do to aid the Americans on the streets.

  • In a sense.

    You can't be certain with ALL beggars on the street so it may not be wise to hand them money as they ask for gas, food, etc. Instead take them to a store and buy things that they need, or go with them and fill up their gas tank for them. Even better, bring them care packages. Depending on the person it may be right to give them money, however it entirely depends on the situation and the individual.

  • Money buys more than food...

    If you give a person money, that money is in their control and therefore, they can buy anything they choose with it. They can use the money to buy things they need such as food, shelter, clothes, etc. but they can also use the money to buy things that will only harm them more such as drugs, alcohol, lottery tickets etc. If you see a beggar, buy them a meal or a piece of clothing or a gift card. Giving them money could make them even worse off than they are already.

  • No, most of them are fake

    True Story:
    I was in this restaurant and this man came in with a nice I phone 6 and he had on some nice designer clothes. (Aeropostale and Converse) Then he had a sign that said, "Give money, looking for some food." I was shocked. Another guys I saw was walking down the street with no shoes on, then i drove up a little more and some nice shoes were sitting on the fence. I feel bad for them, and I would love to help them, but only help them if they truly need it. People with signs usually do that as their job. That is their way of making money. It is kind of hard to tell the ACTUAL needy and the fake.

  • No, Too many phonies.

    If you want to help those in need, assist a local charity that supports getting people off the streets. I have on numerous occasions seen people pack up a sign and walk over and get into a luxury vehicle and drive off. I have been hit up on many occasions by someone with a gas tank in their hand asking for a few dollars to get gas to make it home, only to be told where to stick it when telling them I would if they would like to get in their car and show me the empty tank.

    The problem with giving directly to the homeless is that there are far too many bleeding hearts out there giving their money away. People have learned this and not you cannot tell who is homeless and who is a professional bum.

    That is why it is better to give to established charities that actually do work in your community to assist with meals, showers, and clothing to help people get back on their feet and get a job to become once again, a part of society.

  • No. We shouldn't enable them.

    We should not give to beggars (panhandlers). If they really need food and shelter, there are local charities that provide them those things. By giving money to beggars we are either enabling them to be unproductive citizen or enabling the fake beggars. Either way, it is not good. So we should stop giving to beggars. If nobody gives to them, most if not all will stop begging because the action no longer provide them with what they want.

  • The word 'should' is the issue here

    Nobody 'should' feel that they must give money to beggars, nor 'should' they feel that they mustn't. I believe that people 'should' feel/be entitled to do whatever with their own money as long as their not breaking the law (though I personally don't think it should be illegal to purchase drugs but that's a different story). If somebody wants to give to a beggar, by all means do. If they don't, don't. As others have stated, there are many scamers out there, so when giving money to a beggar it is best to bare that in mind, I suppose.

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