• YES! Not Going Doesn't Make You "Cool" or a "Free Spirit"

    As a second year undergrad at a State University I would like to chuck every one of my textbooks at lazy kids who don't want/ didn't go to college.
    Excuse 1: "College is too expensive" Ok yes, money is always a concern regarding higher education but guess what: FINANCIAL AID IS A THING. If you were really is money crunched as you say you *would* receive aid. All you have to do is try. And even if you dont: WHO CARES. I come from a solidly middle class family and the amount of aid I *don't* receive is staggering. But I wanted this for myself so I, as an adult decided to work out a system with my parents and pay off my loans after graduation. Loans may suck but adulting feels SO GOOD.
    Excuse 2: "College isnt that important, I can still be successful without it". If you're saying that you can be just as successful as your college educated peers (which was proven untrue by hundreds of studies but mmkay) then why not take the chance and go to college anyway?
    Excuse 3: "Just because you went to college doesn't make you smarter"
    Excuse 4: "I already know what I want but college isn't it"
    You think you know a lot of things when you're still in high school.
    Excuse 5: "I can't go to college because I want to travel and experience the world instead"
    Ummm Study Abroad is a thing and so are are Out of State/ Non-local schools
    Conclusion: Stop making excuses and GO. TO. COLLEGE

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  • Yes but not all

    People should go to college because it can better their life off but it goes even further than that it can better the lives of other people as well. Thus it has a huge effect that continues on with other people as well. But of course college isn't for all.

  • Definitely. People are supposed to finish a college prior to occupation.

    In the modern age, jobs are required more theoretical skills and techniques, so that if one inclines to obtain a high-paying profession, he/she at least acquires a college degree. As well as it, advantages such as accessing to high-level and senior professors, promoting social circle, comprehending and applying more knowledge and resources, etc, would be met for hard-working students.

  • Yes

    Yes but they should not be charged £9,000 per annum for the privilege. Alternatives should also be credited as being as important eg. professional qualifications such as MBAs. People require access to and a sufficient quantity of work, otherwise society has failed its social contract to its members. If you put sufficient effort into studying there should be no reasonable basis for an amount of work not to be provided.

  • But not right after high school.

    Most young people need more time to gain independence and maturity. Too much time is spent in college learning life skills but not in a realistic environment (there will not always be thousands of people the same age around you)
    This would also allow students to get the most out of their college experience and remind them of why they are there - to gain the knowledge sufficient to begin a career. The inflated cost (FEES) of college could be cut in half if we eliminate the hugh amount of admins and staff that have been brought in to create programs to cover this "co-curricula life skills" learning. Programs which have been created just to try to make the idle time outside of that spent in class constructive. Something which is only necessary when you create artificial cities entirely of teenagers.

  • Education Leads to Higher Pay

    Not only does college enrich people's educations, but a college degree leads to more money. Not everyone is suited for college, but as many people as possible should enrich their lives by at least trying to get a degree. More and more companies require advanced degrees for jobs. A looming nursing shortage requires people with post-secondary educations.

  • Absolutely

    However, no everybody find it practical enough for real world application and lot of people find it more stimulating by doing, creating and learning by direct input than purely academy work. That's not diminish the value of an education at any stage of life, regardless of what we end up doing in life.

  • Yes, people should go to college.

    Yes, I believe that people should go to college. While nobody should be forced to go to college, our youth should always be encouraged to attend a college because it will enrich their lives. For those who cannot afford it, there are student loans that almost any person can be approved for, regardless of credit. For those two reasons alone, people should go to college. The only time when college would not be advisable is if somebody wants to become a professional in a job that does not require a college degree.

  • People should not go to college.

    I think people should not go to college. Because every year, Because of drop outs, States lose 1. 3 billion dollars and federal government loses 300 million due to wasted loans and scholarship. And your salary will be used to pay back the money that you borrowed to go to college.

  • Yes we should

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    we should even thought that it is a lot of money it is worth it because you can get a better job then not going to collage

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  • Heck no !!!

    STUDENT LOAN DEBT I mean seriously young adults have to pay about 50 to 60 thousand dollars in debt really collages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thank you

  • We shouldn't have to go to more school for a decent job.

    So here's the situation. Most students go to school (as is mandatory for citizens) for 13 years of their life, beginning at age 5 and ending at age 17. In America, with the economy as it is, it is becoming harder and harder to find a decent job. About 85% of the American population (as of April 2013) have a high school diploma. The 15% that drop out are left ineligible for a large majority of U.S jobs, basically forcing them to go back to high school -- but for a price, this time.
    In the workplace, 85 percent of current jobs and 90 percent of new jobs require some or more college or postsecondary education. But college isn't free. So, to get a good job you have to attend college. You've just gotten out of high school, spending 13 years of your life there, and you're overjoyed to be done with the stress and work of high school. But you basically have to go back. Most jobs are now looking for people with a bachelor's degree -- that's 4 more years. We're at 17 years now. About 60% pf those who attend college use student loans to cover the cost of college. So here you are, let's say you're 23. You've got your college degree, and now have the task of paying them off.
    High schools are not preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel after graduation. Only 1 in 4 high school students graduate college-ready in the four core subjects of English, reading, math, and science. And no one wants to go to school longer than they have to. Why should we pay for something we don't want to do.
    It only seems right for high school to teach students the things they need for college, or in place of college. It offers a fair chance for everyone, especially those who already struggle financially, to get a decent education and employment.

  • waste of money

    universities do nothing more then create people just smart enough to recite things they have been told and formulate their ideas in a predetermined manner such as to conform to a notion of political correctness. i find no value in deciphering a text book and reiterating that information onto a test. its creates clones of information most of which is out dated. true learning can be found in your everyday life and should not cost a cent to obtain. you want to learn? study math, our universe is bound by the numbers, everything else is useless

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