• Just because something is not physical doesn’t make it not harmful.

    I believe nonviolent offenses can be worthy of going to jail to a certain extent. For example, Blackmailing and threats may seem small to some, But they can escalate to violence, Either the blackmailer doing as he threatened, Or the person who received the blackmail using violence as a way of retaliating against the threats they received. Also, If nonviolent offenses wouldn’t be worthy of sentencing to jail, One can simply continue to verbally abuse and harass someone knowing that they can take advantage of law and not be sentenced to jail. So this would also make it vulnerable to being exploited.

  • Nonviolent offenses deserve prison time

    Sometimes, the most harmful offenses to society are nonviolent. When people think of crimes and criminals the first thing that comes to mind is most likely assault and battery or manslaughter or even murder. But some of the biggest criminals of the past century have been financial criminals, sapping money from the poor.

  • Yes, it does depend though.

    I think people should be able to go to prison for nonviolent offenses, but I also feel like it should depend on just what that offense was. Some offenses are worse than others. Dealing drugs knowing it will cause someone problems and health issues is a big offense, but just downloading something illegally would not really be prison material.

  • Protection from themselves

    The idea of prison is not to punish offenders, or at least it shouldn't be, but rather to place people deemed to be dangerous to society in a place separate from society. Nonviolent offenders, especially drug offenders, do not need to be put in prison as they are only doing harm to themselves. What they need is rehabilitation.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe people should go to prison for non-violent offenses. I believe we would be far better off to put these people on house arrest where they are forced to provide their own necessities. Prison should be a sentence for people who are a threat to society and generally non-violent offenders are not a threat.

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