Should people go vegetarian for ethical reasons?

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  • We seem to live in a world of apathy

    Kicking and screaming, I just guess we're just going to have to drag these people with us. Look at every other animal rights issue. Gradually, it seems to be that no matter how much people argue against ethics being enforced upon them, sooner or later ethics win, depending on the technology, resources, and society. I understand that in today's world asking people to go vegetarian is a lot to ask, but we really need to learn to look at the big picture and accept that there is simply no excuse to put selfish desire ahead of life. Perhaps not now, but lets try and promote a better world instead of a selfish one.

  • It helps the environment

    Modern farming is one of the main sources of pollution in rivers, meat production related to deforestation. Many species of fish are facing extinction because of our desire to eat fish. The 2006 U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report concluded that worldwide livestock farm inggenerates
    18% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions " by comparis on, all the world's cars, trains, planes and boats account for a com bi ned 13% of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Absolutely, people should go vegetarian for ethnic reasons

    Eating meat supported animals cruelty
    Takes 4.5 pounds of grain to make 1 pound of chicken, causing more to go hungry
    Disasterous to the environment
    Chickens can’t carry their own weight
    Decrease pollution
    Factory farming
    Hundreds of thousands of animals poisoned and/or blinded every year
    The animals are slaughtered in the blood of other’s
    The animals can hear the screams of other animals (meaning they don’t even get a peaceful death)
    Every second a football field of rainforest is destroyed to create 257 hamburgers
    5000 gallons of water is required for one pound of beef
    If you wouldn't eat a dog, you shouldn't eat a hog
    No animal deserves to die for your tastebuds

  • Yeah : Mass Slaughter + health reasons

    You can still eat invertebrates&fish, but mammals & birds are way too abused.

    And it's a shame. Also the health issues you are subjecting yourself and the society to. Red meat increases cancer, birdmeat is healthier but still.. If you cant stop eating land animal meat just use it as a condiment instead of a entire steak. Maybe some rice with stir fry vegetables in a handful of chopped pork meat + tofu ? 10 pounds of pork lasted me like 4 months that way :)

  • It's a good choice.

    I am a vegetarian and I went vegetarian for ethical reasons. I can't bear to think about animals suffering as I eat them. I found it hypocritical that we pet certain types of animals such as dogs and cats and eat others who are just as intelligent such as pigs and cows. People need to make the choice for themselves, but I believe that it is a good and healthier choice.

  • They'd rather be screaming "monsters"...

    Going vegetarian is the right thing to do - agreement goes to everything TheFoxWolf said. I'm always wondering whether those, who invoke our position at the top of the food chain as if it were some kind of moral legitimization, would find it equally justified if some superior alien civilization came here and ate them for the same reasons. Would they really say "Hey, yes, you're totally right at killing us!" or would people rather scream and declare them immoral monsters? Yet, we behave like them. It is outright disgusting that we kill millions of feeling animals not because we need to, but just because we can.

    Doesn't this entire discussion remind us of the slavery debate of the past? It was stated then that slaves were born inferior, and that it was the natural order established by god, and that living in slavery was better than being free and starving to death. All these arguments were equivalently put forward to justify eating meat. That alone should make people dubious about the issue, but well, it neither did when these point were raised in favor of slavery.

  • Why should I die from malnutrition?

    I hate these Peta Elitist. I AM A TRUCKER. I NEED MEAT. I feel bad for doing so, But I eat veggies with my food! I am a Omnivore. I eat Vegetables and Meat. I am NOT a Whack-Job who thinks animals are more important than humans! After 1 year, you feel like you are about to die of hunger because vegetables don't make you feel full! I eat veggies. So I am no monster for eating meat.

  • Not all animals are morally equivalent

    I think it's ridiculous when people say things like "eating animals is bad". This so obviously depends on the animal. I might agree that eating pigs is unethical, maybe even cows. But yeast is also an animal, and it is obviously not immoral to eat yeast. I think that we might need to evaluate the morality of eating certain species, but others, like turkeys and chickens, are, I believe, ok to eat.

  • No there are no ethical reason

    A plant is as much of a living being as a cow or a pig might be.
    There are no ethical reason to be a vegetarian eating a living thing is eating a living thing.
    A plant is a living thing that to a small degree has intelligence and feelings.
    To say that people who trade one living thing for another makes no sense.

  • I am vegetarian

    I am a vegetarian, but God put animals on this Earth for a reason! TO EAT THEM! I myself don't eat it because I find it to be a great diet that helps maintain my weight and overall health. I would love it for people to eat MORE vegetables, though!

  • Vegan/Vegetarian for health reasons trumps ethical reasons

    From a Judeo-Christian view, animals were created to provide sustenance for workers. In ancient times, farmers needed protein. Even though you can get protein from a vegetarian diet, it's also important to know that from an "American Christian" view, it is ethical to eat animals. Having said that, treating animals kindly does create better karma.

  • No, people should not be vegetarian for ethical reasons.

    With the possible exception of salt and trace minerals, everything we eat was once alive. To draw a line between killing a plant for sustenance and killing an animal is arbitrary, at best. Can we function without meat? Surely, we can. Is it the best thing for us? Probably not, no. We are omnivores, and our brains and bodies need protein to form and function properly. There is nothing inherently immoral about eating for sustenance, whether it is animal or plant. If a person chooses to avoid certain specific sources of meat because of an abhorrence for the conditions or practices in that place, that is fine. However, to avoid all meat on the basis of arbitrary morality is foolish.

  • Should Go Vegetarian for Health Reasons

    It is a known fact that people who eat more vegetables in their diet live with less sickness, less disease and lead more productive lives. It may be more expensive to be a vegetarian in terms of food costs, but when there are fewer visits to doctors and hospitals, the lack of health care bills more than makes up for a vegetarian or vegan diet. People should eat vegetables for good health, not for ethical reasons such as saving the lives of animals. Eventually, enough people will eat more vegetables and more lives of animals will be saved.

  • No they should not.

    People should be vegetarian for their own choices, not because some view it as more ethical. It is there choice to eat or not to eat meat, and no one should be judged or shamed for it, just let people be whoever they want to be. Not one choice is better then the other since both have draw backs.

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