• Yes, it would be fun.

    Yes, people should grow wings and fly, because then they would not have to pay for cars. Everyone has looked at a bird at some point in their life and marveled at their ability to fly. It would be a lot of fun to be so free and able to move as a bird. Also, people would no longer need cars. It would be amazing if people could fly.

  • Sure maybe idk

    I don't really get why this is an argument because this is one thing I never thought I would debate. So, how about the celtics losing to the timberwolves. Wow, 50 words for this debate, that kind of sucks. Oh well I guess I would be cool because flying is pretty cool.

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JustCheNo says2013-06-25T02:39:59.427
No, but liberals should jump off a cliff.