• They haven't produced any real music.

    Of course, they hardly know how to play instruments. On top of that, they don't even write their own songs but still take credit for it. They pay writers like Ed Sheeran to write songs for them. Their songs don't have a particular aim. They're together for money. They never found each other. They were just put together and have no brother-like relation between them. They act like philanthropists but they are literally behind money. They never even dedicated any song to each other or their FANS. Now they're off as solo artists because they found another way to earn money, they don't miss each other. They hardly even talk about a re-union. THIS CLEARLY SHOWS THAT THEIR AIM IS JUST TO EARN,

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions

    I don't care how much people say they have talent, save their lives, etc. Not everyone is going to like them. IMHO, their music isn't good, they because famous because they weren't good enough to go at it alone, and a lot of girls like them because of their looks. Don't get mad and name call because someone has a different opinion. It makes you look immature and stupid. Stop doing that!! They're not better than everyone else.

  • One direction are great people to look up to

    They show people how to have a great friendship and how you show and what you should be in life, Yourself. Yes they may be crazy acting but at least they are happy and enjoying the person that they are and being themselves. They have great music that send a good meaning to the world and teach people it’s okay to be different.

  • They inspire so many

    There are so many fans that have credited overcoming their insecurity issues to one direction's music myself included. And yes, They did dedicate songs to their fans! Hey Angel, And Diana are both dedicated to fans. And just because they didn't 'find' each other, Their connection and relationship to each other is very real. And they aren't so popular just for their looks. All these fans didn't buy their album to listen to their face! And if they weren't so talented they wouldn't be able to make it solo like they have.

  • They are the best band ever!

    They have broken so many records and so many people love them! They have done so many charities and fundraisers for people in need and have the biggest hearts in the world. They've been through so much; rejections on X-Factor and ofc, Hate from their haters I honestly have no idea why people hate them I love them!

  • There's a reason why they're called the biggest boy band in the world and haven broken so many records.

    One Direction is my favorite band of all time. Sure, What Makes You Beautiful isn't their best song in some people's opinion (I personally love it and I am currently trying to get it to 1b views) but they also have some pretty amazing songs that have reached super high in the billboards, But nooooo everyone has to be so stereotypical and base 1d of their first songs. So before you go around hating 1d (I have no idea why such a thing exists) actually listen to some of their other songs.

  • No idea why people hate them

    When I first moved to America, kids in school hated 1D and made fun of people who liked them and that's why I hated them. As I grew older I figured out that there's no real reason to hate them... Even if you don't like the band, you could just not listen to them- no need to actually waste your energy hating on them. And since you don't actually know the band members personally, how could you truly hate them?

  • It’s ok to not like their music but how can you hate someone you’ve never personally met?

    I am a massive directioner, I’ve got all their albums, singles, posters, follow them on social media, been to their concerts, and at times and quite recently actually there are all I listen to because I think they are amazing. I love their music and yes I think they’re all very good looking (especially Harry) but if someone tells me they don’t like one direction, yes I will be confused because I love the band but I will except that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What I will never understand is when people say ‘I hate one direction’. How? What have they personally ever done it said to you to make you hate them? How can you hate someone you’ve never met or sat down and had a conversation with? You can’t. Even through the media the way they are portrayed, that is the way the media likes to portray them. And the worst way they’ve ever portrayed them is by calling Harry a ‘ladies man’. So yes, it is ok to not enjoy or dislike their music for whatever reason but don’t use a word as strong as hate if all it really is, is that you don’t like their music.

  • People just hate them because it's popular to hate them.

    Either that or they've only heard their old songs and decided that their music has not evolved at all. Nobody listens to their newer albums because they assume it's going to be exactly the same as What Makes You Beautiful. Not saying they have to like them, but please, listen to their music before you decide whether you like it or not.

  • I used to hate One Direction just because very one else hated them.

    I remember as a child, I heard their song, What Makes You Beautiful, and I loved it, even though I hated 1D. I even had most of the lyric memorized and sang it all them time, but I just hated the band. Now, after they’ve broken up, I regret hating them and wished I would have become a fan earlier.
    These boys are very talented and have millions of fans and broke multiple records. I love each member because of their charming personalities, not because of their looks.

  • They're five heros

    No you shouldn't hate them, yes they are boys who sing but you don't have to hate them. They have done so well over the pass five years and the whole time people doubted them, now look they're the biggest boy band. I don't really know why people hate them but you don't know them so you can't hate them at all. They are just doing their jobs their dream jobs, making people happy with music, and saving girls deep inside.

  • No, they are talented.

    No, people should not hate One Direction, because they are a talented musical group with a wide following. They produce good music that many people enjoy. It is wrong to hate something just because you personally don't enjoy it. Other people enjoy their music and that is reason alone not to hate them.

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