• They haven't produced any real music.

    Of course, they hardly know how to play instruments. On top of that, they don't even write their own songs but still take credit for it. They pay writers like Ed Sheeran to write songs for them. Their songs don't have a particular aim. They're together for money. They never found each other. They were just put together and have no brother-like relation between them. They act like philanthropists but they are literally behind money. They never even dedicated any song to each other or their FANS. Now they're off as solo artists because they found another way to earn money, they don't miss each other. They hardly even talk about a re-union. THIS CLEARLY SHOWS THAT THEIR AIM IS JUST TO EARN,

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions

    I don't care how much people say they have talent, save their lives, etc. Not everyone is going to like them. IMHO, their music isn't good, they because famous because they weren't good enough to go at it alone, and a lot of girls like them because of their looks. Don't get mad and name call because someone has a different opinion. It makes you look immature and stupid. Stop doing that!! They're not better than everyone else.

  • Their music is really not that good

    This is just my opinion so it's ok if you don't agree. I think "hate" is a kind of harsh word but I do dislike the kind of music they make (other people might like it this is only my opinion). It's very soft and the songs have hardly any meaning. It's all about how they fall in love with girls and how they feel sad after a break-up. So it basically implies that instead of moving on from a relationship that was not meant to be, You should sit and cry which is SO not ok. And they broke up. THey don't even say ANYTHING of getting back together that I wonder if they actually ever had any friendship at all. .
    AGAIN this is all my opinion and I don't think many people will support me but please don't leave hate comments for me. I do NOT hat One Direction I just dislike them and I am here to share my opinion. I don't know how I could have been more respectful, Thanks

  • They have nothing meaningful to do

    All they sing about is how much they love their lovers and how broken-hearted they are when they break up. They are okay singers who are really a bunch of twats who have nothing important to say or for that matter sing. I have heard so many of their songs Andy in my opinion they probably failed maths and decided they were going to do what every other twat does with an okay voice. Sing a bunch of stuff they don’t understand and inspire the next generation of young women to spend all day stroking pictures of them in magazines. THANK-YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Their ‘music’ is rubbish.

    They don’t write their songs, They use autotune and the only one who plays an instrument is Niall. They never found each other and got in a band, They were put together by Simon Cowell to make money. Their music only sells because it is a bit catchy and they’re mildly attractive to a bunch of teenage girls and their only purpose is money making. People say they’re ‘geniuses’ and ‘so talented’ but they were only put together because they went enough to make it on their own

  • One direction is not rubbish

    They are talented. You can search for it. Haters always say that they are gay, Ugly, And not talented. Is that so?
    All I can say is, They are not and ugly and of course if they are not talented they can't stand third position in x factor. Haters gonna hate. (actually haters are taking rubbish)

  • Kind of controversial

    While I don't necessarily like their music. I won't say that you should hate it, Dislike it of course that's your own personal preference. But hating them is wrong, You shouldn't do that of course I won't stop you but that doesn't change the fact that it's wrong to gate them. As I am not a fan of their music myself I try to remain as controversial as possible, So I'll say this to close off. Everyone has their own opinion if you dislike them that much just keep it to yourself and your close friends don't bring unnecessary drama to the net. That's all thank you for taking the time to read through this

  • 1d do be vibin doe

    As a band 1d is very talented and they know how to make incredible songs. As people they’re also incredible - so kind and caring. There is no reason to “hate” them. Of course music is subjective but to say you HATE them
    when really it’s just not your personal music taste is immature

  • People hate them just because they’re more successful than the haters

    One Direction was formed when all the boys were young and still high school. Have you ever met anyone in high school that got as big as them? Not likely, But there are exceptions. But the general high school population aren’t as successful as one direction. Surprisingly, Most people who hat 1d are high schoolers because they have nothing better to do than trying to drag 1d down. The same thing happened to Justin Bieber. He was famous at the age of 15 but a lot of people hated on him. And guess who those haters were. . . 15 year olds with NO talent.

  • What's the point of hating on them?

    Because theres no point hating on them, I mean theres nothing really to hate them but not everyone loves them, But why do you hate one direction, There's no point hating on them. People comment hate about One Direction is completely wrong and untrue people are so gullible idk why. . . !

  • They never fight and all of the girls love them

    I don’t know anyone who hates them. Everyone loves them. Like me*—- hi oh sis also skksi skies my fav one is Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan/Harry styles, Liam Payne’s, Zayn Malik. Mwa ha ha ha ha. I I k k k k k mm k k mm mk m kn m k k

  • They are humans too. .

    I have noticed that people hate one direction because it's become a trend. I heard to wmyb and thought it was hella cheesy. . But their other songs are so beautiful like If I could fly. . They are adorable and talented as well. There's no reason to hate anyone. If you don't like their music, Just ignore them. Why hate anyone? . .

  • One direction are great people to look up to

    They show people how to have a great friendship and how you show and what you should be in life, Yourself. Yes they may be crazy acting but at least they are happy and enjoying the person that they are and being themselves. They have great music that send a good meaning to the world and teach people it’s okay to be different.

  • They inspire so many

    There are so many fans that have credited overcoming their insecurity issues to one direction's music myself included. And yes, They did dedicate songs to their fans! Hey Angel, And Diana are both dedicated to fans. And just because they didn't 'find' each other, Their connection and relationship to each other is very real. And they aren't so popular just for their looks. All these fans didn't buy their album to listen to their face! And if they weren't so talented they wouldn't be able to make it solo like they have.

  • They are the best band ever!

    They have broken so many records and so many people love them! They have done so many charities and fundraisers for people in need and have the biggest hearts in the world. They've been through so much; rejections on X-Factor and ofc, Hate from their haters I honestly have no idea why people hate them I love them!

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