Should People Have a Right to Become Prostitutes?

  • Yes they should.

    Prostitution should be a legal business interaction that is taxed and regulated. It doesn't need to be done in the dark with pimps and people not being able to clearly see what is going on. People should be able to grow up and become a prostitute as long as they are not hurting others.

  • Doesn't Mean an Industry Should Pop Up

    People have the right to become prostitutes, but it doesn't mean prostitution should be legal. If this industry becomes mainstream, STDs will spread and single pregnancies will increase. If a woman wants to sell her body to men for sex, she has that right. It doesn't mean that lifestyle should be legal.

  • It's their body

    Once a person reaches eighteen years of age they are legally an adult and have full control of their decisions. If they decide that they want to sell sexual favors and activities in return for money then that should be completely their decision as long as it is not causing any physical harm to themselves or anyone else. Some people may actually enjoy that profession and as long as there is a need for it, it will continue to happen. It might as well be legalized and made safer.

  • Prostitution Should Be A Choice

    I do believe people should have a right to become prositutes. I think it would be good to legalize this practice, so people aren't being pursued by law enforcement for it. These people are not doing anything particuarly harmful and I think it is a shame to label them as criminals.

  • They should have the right.

    People should have the right to become prostitutes if they want to. Just like people have the choice to choose what profession they want to do for a career, prostitutes have the right to do that if they want. While it may be a dirty profession, it is a choice.

  • Prostitution has existed for centuries.

    Prostitution, in one form or another, has existed for centuries. It fulfills a basic human need, and allows those willing to participate to earn an income. If prostitution were legalized, then guidelines could be put in place to help control the transmission of disease and the sex workers would be required to pay taxes, thus aiding the economy.

  • People Can't Become Prostitutes

    Not only is prostitution illegal, but people don't even have the right to become prostitutes. Sure, people should be able to do what they want, but there's nothing moral or rewarding about being a prostitute. This is one thing that the government shouldn't legalize in the United States anytime soon.

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