• I was badly bullied at public school

    When I went to public school I was mistreated and the school was a wreck. People think that the rich go to private schools only, But that is not true. A lot of people I know come from working class families and rely off of scholarships to go there. They were also badly bullied like myself.

  • Yes, they should

    If people want to have a private education, that should be well within their rights as a person. I do not think private education should be done away with--in many cases, it is absolutely fantastic. I just think there should be public schooling for all at every level of learning.

  • Yes, I think people should have a right to private education.

    I think in many areas the parents of the child should be able to decide if they want to send their child to the local public education school or if they want their child to attend a private school in the area, I think if they can't afford it the Government should issue them a voucher to offset the cost.

  • Public Schools Are Public for a Reason

    Everyone has the right to a private education, as long as they can afford it. Public schools are public for a reason. Everyone has a right to a basic education, not a private education. Without an education, there is no way to get ahead and find better work. College degrees are priceless and everyone should strive to get such an education.

  • No, people shouldn't have a right to a private education.

    I do not believe that a private education should be a right. I think that a public education is something that every American should have a right to, but a private education should be considered a luxury. And if people are willing to pay for it themselves, then I don't see a problem.

  • Education is a public right.

    No, people should not have a right to a private education, because you do not have a right to someone else's goods and services. A private education is nice, and that is not to say that vouchers are not a good thing, but you do not have the right to demand that a particular school teach your children.

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