• Heat is a dangerous aspect for many peoples lives

    The Elderly, the young, the sickly, all these people are in danger of heat stroke or other fatal occurrences due to dangerous heat conditions. Through the use of technology, and not even very advanced technology mind you, we can not only keep ourselves comfortable in our own homes, but prevent many needless deaths.

  • Yes we need it

    Air conditioning is more important than oil and gasoline. People could all walk to work if they moved closer to work or drive electric vehicles to work powered by solar power plants. Without air conditioning some people can get overheated and die. F fff f f f f f f f f f

  • Why do we need it

    People have to get used to the weather even it's hot or cold, I know how will we de kept warm or cool well you can use the things around you, plus you can get sick when it's hot you put the air con on well you can get sick because of the weather changing one your in a cool area then your in a warm environment think a little

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