• They are part of the Great Apes

    The Great Apes is a family with monkeys, gorillas and us (surprising) and it is including chimpanzee's in the family. Chimpanzee's are not so different from our selves as we actually have more in common with them than our trusted companions; dogs and cats. In our DNA it says that we are only 0.6% different than chimpanzees. It's only our perception and society forming our beliefs that has made us think like this and I say the more we can get these animals communicating and adapting to our lives (out the cage) then only will we be setting an equilateral boundary within the great ape family.

  • Unfair and Unsafe for Chimpanzees

    1. They can catch our illnesses and it can life threatening to the chimps
    2. They don't live by the same morals that humans do and it is unfair to expect them to act like humans.
    3. To obtain Chimps they mothers and sometimes their whole families are murdered in front of them.
    4. A five year old chimp is already stronger than the average man.
    5. They act out against their captors when they are stronger and then are destroyed as a result of human ignorance.
    6. They are 98.8% genetically identical to humans and deserve their freedom to live their live with their families without the interference of humans.

  • From what I know, no.

    No, chimps are dangerous. Even if you say they can be domesticated at first, it's not safe. An aunt of mine had a male chimp and as he grew up he started to see her as his mate. So he attacked anybody that got close to her or stood between him and her. They had to shoot him down...

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