• Should kids have dogs as a pet

    Kids should have pets. It was proven that kids get sick less with dog around. Pets such as dogs gain confidence to young readers. They also give kids exercise and are good to kids with no friends because now they do. I am a 9 in a half years old so I should no that too.

  • Yes we should

    We should all have a companion because they can help abolish dirty or bad habits infesting our lives by taking away anger, sadness, and other emotions that people struggle with to succeed in their life. People go to prison for unusual reasons because they either don't have a dog, or they need help. Please support this text.

  • They have feelings too

    Dogs are harmless unless they need training and they wouldn't know any better they didn't make their species be noisy or harmful. They should be pets so they have someone to play with instead of being homeless puppy on side of the road:( it makes me cry to think if a puppy was left on the streets.I am a animal lover and i have 2 dogs and i think dogs should stay as pets

  • More Than Just a Dog

    Dogs are a amazing pet to keep because dogs help people who live alone stay healthy because people who live alone have depression and it causes health problems. Dogs can fix that. Another reason is dogs are very helpful. For example, dogs can get your shoes, newspaper, and other things.

  • Dogs are more then just an animal.

    Coming home to a dog running to the door to meet you with there tail waging from a long day at work. Can put a smile on your face. When you spill something you have a personal cleaner. Ps. Dont let them clean up everything. Dogs are my world i love my dog so much .

  • Dogs are the best

    Dogs are the best friend for a kid to have and for The family to have I have a great dog and she is so nice and If You have a dog they're the cuwowos cutest when they're puppy are owsome sow get,a dog they're the bests of dogs ever.

  • Dogs are loyal

    Everybody should have dogs because they are very LOYAL. If you have no kids you should have one and have one if you have a family so they can put your family to together so you can spend more time with your whole family. GET ONE FROM A SHELTER.YES YOU SHOULD LIKE DOGS.

  • Sure, why not

    Dogs make excellent companions. Unless someone's busy lifestyle prevents them from taking good care of a dog, I think people should have dogs as pets. Having a dog enriches a family. Kids love playing with a dog and learn a lot from it, too. Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is the best way to go.

  • Dogs are More Than Man's Best Friend

    Being a dog owner and having the blessed experience of working at a dog day care, I believe strongly that dogs are good for the soul. It is more than a matter of ownership. A dog will come to own you just as much as you perceive yourself owning the dog. It is a symbiotic relationship which lightens spirits and brings immeasurable joy.

  • It Is Inhumane

    Would you lock up an innocent human? Would you put a person in a chain around their neck and tout them around town? Would you make a person eat the same dried crap every single day of their lives? If you wouldn't do it to a person, You shouldn't do it to a dog that you "love". All animals deserve to be free.

  • We should control lives to that degree

    We don't need pets for anything essential in our lives, we only have them for our personal entertainment. I think owning a life without it's consent is wrong. Although for the case of children they will eventually gain their own free will eventually.

    Also work animals aren't pets. What can pets provide us that people can't?

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