• Yes but someone help me answer this.

    If it is in the constitution that congress has control over where our tax dollars go, are we going to amend the constitution and take away that right of congress or is there an easier way to do so? Would we first have to dock it down to state level rather than federal level or let congress be able to spend the money but we have to decide? I am a senior in high school and i chose this topic for a project because i believe it is only fair to let the People decide where OUR money is going. But it is becoming difficult to find rational ways of changing the way this system would work!!

  • Individually Tailored Tax Money Allocation: The Voting System of a, "Money Speaks," Capitalist Society

    If we're going to keep playing this capitalism game, we have to do it right and not perpetuate a system that can be rigged against the people that capitalism is supposed to support: the consumer. If money speaks, doesn't it make sense that each tax paying citizen should have the right to speak directly to their government by deciding where their money goes? In that case, rather than using tax money to fund government initiatives that people aren't interested in, people would be able to decide what does and doesn't get funding on an individual basis. If people are against huge military, or subsidies for multinational corps, or Obamacare, or public school, they could just choose to spend less on those things and more on the things they cared about. Also, it would create a legitimate way for corps to fund their interests, and probably in a more constructive way than they do now. There would probably need to be a minimum allocation percentage for each spending option in order to prevent people from completely screwing over the system, but it should be a flat rate across all the options so that certain options wouldn't get preference over others. Regardless of people's interests, things would get a certain amount of funding. There would still have to be a mandatory taxation amount, so that people wouldn't be able to say things like, "I don't support the government, so I'm not going to spend my tax dollars on anything!" Overall, I think the system would create a healthy system of government funding, since it falls in line with the driving force of capitalism, which is the interest of the individual.

  • Our money, our resources

    Anybody that thinks that the government is using tax payer dollars for the better of the country needs to look at the recent bail out, in which billions of dollars were tossed to billionaire corporations under the impression that if these corporations defaulted, our society as we know it, would crash. In all reality, all it did was allow for the 1% to continue their monopoly over our economy. Distributing that money between the people, would of allowed every single house to be bought out. BUT, big banks and corporations wouldn't of made a lot of money. Boil it down to your tax dollars. Every two weeks the government takes an absorbent amount of money from you. Your hard earned money. You have zero say in what happens with that money. I personally disagree with all forms of war. I don't believe my tax dollars should be going towards million dollar missiles, when that money should be used to educate our population. If the government truly wanted to protect its people and better our future, they would be spending less money on defense and more on education.

    Our government is in the now. It's amazing how during our political debates, resource depletion is never brought up, neither is over population. Why are we spending so much money on fighting an invisible and never ending war on terrorism? Is it really worth it? We will be labeled terrorist once we oppose our government. The government is forcing their own terrorism on its people by installing fear. Look at how many rights and liberties were taken away from us after 9/11.

    This country is dead. It died when Kennedy was assassinated. Just like every other corporation, this country has lost it's morals, lost ethics, and is cut throat. Stand up! Have a voice in where your tax dollars go. Why should classified information only be viewable by political elite? Classified means, "we're doing something sketchy and we don't want you to know". Wake up people.

  • Wars are made just for the NWO, not because other countries are or were actually ever trying to fight us.

    The government is using our tax dollars to start, sustain, and provide not just military action, but privatized military groups which are not part of the military themselves, illegal actions through our gov is still illegal no matter how they try to sugar coat it, If we are paying them to do their job, then the jobs they do should be fully supported by the people who are paying their bills and if they refuse to fully disclose their whereabouts -why, when, how & what for, they are just unjustified in their actions. We the people should be able to refuse the funding that supports the massive slaughters of other countries at the hands of our tax dollars, especially since the only way that it effects the American public is having all our Amendments and constitutional rights stripped from us in the process.... The war machine gets bigger and our everything- jobs, schools, and funds to benefit us at large, only get smaller but we still have to pay them- We pay they play, and we loose everything, tell me you don't see something wrong with that picture. We the people pay the government to do the jobs of many for the many not their personal party agenda's & their privatized contractors. Especially because we're the one's footing the bill without our consent, vote, or voice.... The 4th of July is meaningless they changed all the rules, we're prisoners in our so called democracy.

  • I believe it would be fair

    It would be nice if American citizens could have more control over how their tax dollars are spent. They are the ones working very hard to earn that money, only to have the government take it and they may not always benefit from it. I think it might even encourage more people to get out there in the work force if they knew they had more control over where their tax dollars were going.

  • Absolutely people should have more control

    It's THEIR money after all, why shouldn't they have more say over how it's spent? It is rather hypocritical to me, that the government expects us to have a record of what we do with our money, down to the penny, and yet they don't have to be accountable to us the same. That shouldn't be, if we have to prove to them how we spend our money, they should have to prove to us how they spend ours the same. Beyond that, if we don't wanna fund something we shouldn't have to, as again it is oue money, not theirs. So yes, people should definitely have more control over how our tax dollars are spent.

  • Yes - Need To Control

    Yes, people should have more control over how their tax dollars are spent. How many times have we heard (way after the fact) that a fairly important bill got passed, but on it was a rider that gave half a million dollars to Joe, in Little town, wherever to run a study on putting diapers on pigs – or something equally useless? These incredibly ridiculous requests and wastes of money need to stop. There should be a system developed where private citizens or schools could submit their requests to be included as “side ballots” during primary or national elections. If nothing else, advertise each request and have a vote by cell phone for a predetermined number of hours or days.

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  • Lovely Thought, but no

    While it would be nice, no, you simply can't let everyone have a say in how their tax dollars are spent. The bureaucracy involved itself would cost billions of dollars, and make everything way too complex for the system. This would end up wasting more tax dollars than are wasted now, plus everyone would just spend their tax dollars towards what affects them directly, leaving many important things unfunded.

  • People have enough control over how their tax dollars are spent.

    We live in a free country where we chose our leaders. If we don't like how our tax dollars are spent, we can simply elect new leaders at the next election. Generally, people are satisfied with the way that our taxes are spent. Otherwise, we would vote our represenatives out of office.

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